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[7] viXra:1604.0249 [pdf] submitted on 2016-04-16 10:00:04

The Smart House

Authors: Mahmoud Mohsen Ali Alsayes
Comments: 1 Page.

As known, Egypt faces many grand challenges such as saving energy, Water and air Pollution, poverty and housing problem. In our capstone's project, we have tried to find a solution for over-population by exploiting Egypt's vast areas of deserts to build integrated houses that are refurbishing for air, eco-friendly, self-cleaning and cheap. The project's design requirements are to make the temperature suitable for residents in deserts and make the house resistant to the natural disasters. We made a prototype for our original design by using foam instead of rammed earth. We prove that the design has met our design requirements through the test plan. And the results were fantastic and unexpected. We have chosen North Plateau in The western desert to apply the Project where underground water and fertile soil found. We use wastes as a key to generate biogas and electricity. In addition, we use a hydrogen fuel cell technology as a second source. We are supposed to use rammed earth and palm fronds materials in building as they are found in that area
Category: Social Science

[6] viXra:1604.0248 [pdf] submitted on 2016-04-16 06:49:59

Quantum Energetic Evolution

Authors: Stephen I. Ternyik
Comments: 8 Pages.

A critical pathway towards economic sustainability is explained, in physical terms.
Category: Social Science

[5] viXra:1604.0127 [pdf] submitted on 2016-04-07 04:51:56

Cititorind. Frânturi de Decepție în Literatură și Viață. α-Lecturi Instante

Authors: Florentin Smarandache
Comments: 84 Pages.

A șaptea plachetă din seria smarandacheană de cititoriri (lecturi instante) abordează universul decepției din două perspective: o dată, prin ochii unor scriitori ilustrativi (Virginia Woolf, Franz Kafka, René Char, Emil Cioran, Constantin Țoiu, Ileana Vulpescu, Mihai Sin – așezați în ordine cronologică), iar apoi, prin surprinderea introspectivă, autobiografică a unei perioade deceptive (anul 1980 în România comunistă, cu gânduri împărtășite doar hârtiei, cu revolte și resemnări, cu zbateri nesfârșite pentru a publica).
Category: Social Science

[4] viXra:1604.0123 [pdf] submitted on 2016-04-06 07:41:19

Global Dynamic Efficiency

Authors: Stephen I. Ternyik
Comments: 6 Pages.

Global Dynamic Efficiency is explained in terms of geo-and thermo-economics.
Category: Social Science

[3] viXra:1604.0114 [pdf] submitted on 2016-04-05 20:26:57

Migrations et Environnement: étiologie Des Débats et Participations Sociologiques

Authors: KAMANA Pouwisawè, Roger Tamasse DANIOUẺ, Kouami KOKOU
Comments: 34 Pages.

In recent years, the entrance on the scene of sociopolitical climate issues has opened the debate on a new type of migrants including that of environmental migrants. Today, even if the relationship between the environment and migration make gradually its way in international circles, it remains largely unknown to the general public and arouses a little of scientific researchers. If scientists know the phenomenon since the 1970s, it is only in recent years that it has truly become a social issue, political, environmental and a subject of public debate. The objective of this article is to make a place of state of knowledge of the phenomenon through an etiology of debates of different actors. The results reveal that there are a multitude of terms and definitions customary in the different actors who addressed the topic. Different work on environmental migration is subject suffering from a terminological point of view. The classificatory issue addressed by the authors, is multiple and sometimes complementary. Faced with the growing status of the phenomenon and its victims throughout the world in varying degrees, it is urgent to put an end to unnecessary and unfruitful definitional misunderstanding because an action is worth a thousand intentions.
Category: Social Science

[2] viXra:1604.0113 [pdf] submitted on 2016-04-05 20:32:57

The External Migration and Its Effects in Romania

Authors: Alexandra DEACONU
Comments: 09 Pages.

Migration or territorial mobility of the population is not limited to travel in space, but is a more complex process that brings into the equation multiple items and irrespective of the mechanisms that set in motion or influencing their manifestation, generates a broad spectrum of effects. The changes are visible in the economic life political, social, cultural, religious. They manifest both in the place of origin, from where potential migrants will go, and in the destination.
Category: Social Science

[1] viXra:1604.0112 [pdf] submitted on 2016-04-05 20:37:28

Las Devociones Sincréticas en América Del Sur: la Fiesta de San Benito en Venezuela Como Expresión de Contrapoder

Authors: Vanessa A. Casanova
Comments: 42 Pages.

The oil city of Cabimas, in western Venezuela, is the heterogeneous and complex space where various groups worship San Benito de Palermo, one of the most widespread, plural and multiethnic Catholic expressions of the region. The devotion to this deity, as a mestizo expression of local identities, gets away from the conceptions and rites of the Church, for whom the relationship with the saint should be limited to the spaces and times that it has defined, particularly during the cycle of fiesta. Cabimas is a place of concurrence and tension between believers and institutions, which are united by a common element: the saint, but which sometimes also get into conflict. How can this worship lead to this ambivalence? How can it represent, at the same time, an expression of power and counterpower? In this work we propose to discuss the relationship between the sacred, collective identities and power in the cult of Saint Benedict, with the help of the ethnographic method and the interpretative analysis of significances of the anthropology of religion. In their relationship with the saint, people, the Church, leaders and public forces altogether overwhelm the system of doctrines and rituals, to participate in a phenomenon that no longer seems "religious" nor "political" or "family", but becomes instead –using Maussian terms– a total social fact.
Category: Social Science