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[4] viXra:1505.0199 [pdf] submitted on 2015-05-26 09:53:06

Examination of The Effect Some Motoric And Coordinative Aspects On Football Technical Skıll in Universıty Male Football Tam Players

Authors: Mehmet Tokgoz, Oguzhan Dalkiran
Comments: 20 Pages.

The purpose of this study is to examine the affect of some motoric aspects on shot, pass the ball and dribbling performances at football players. 26 male football players playing different amateur football clubs in Burdur City center and having 19,65±3,452 mean age participated to study. 30m sprint, anaerobic power, log strength, flexibility, balance and coordination tests were used in measurement of some motoric aspects that football players had. Pearson Correlation, descriptive statistics (mean and standard deviation), Simple Multiple Regression, Simple Regression analyses in SPSS 22.0 for Windows package program were used in analysis of data obtained. In the end of research, it was established that there were significant relationship among only anaerobic power, leg strength, balance, speed and flexibility performances with shot, pass the ball and dribbling performances when they were handled independently each other (p<0,05). It was established that there was no significant relationship among shot and pass the ball with coordination level (p>0,05), on the other hand, there was significant relationship between coordination level and dribbling performance (p<0,05).When the affects of motoric aspects, that football players had, on pass the ball, shot, and dribbling performances were evaluated, it was established that anaerobic power, flexibility, balance and speed performances did not affect pass the ball, shot and dribbling performances at significant level (p>0,05). Similarly, it was established that both leg strength and coordination level did not affect pass the ball and shot performances at significant level (p>0,05). Notwithstanding, it was identified that leg strength and coordination level were factors affecting dribbling performance (p<0,05). When motoric aspects were handled completely in research content, their affects on pass the ball, shot and dribbling performances were examined. As obtained results, it was established that speed, leg strength, balance, anaerobic power and coordination level as a whole affected dribbling level significantly (p<0,05). Notwithstanding, it was established that speed, leg strength, balance, anaerobic power and coordination level as a whole did not affect pass the ball and shot performances significantly (p>0,05). As a result, it may be said that handling motoric aspects independently each other did not affect technical skill in football. So, it may be said that handling motoric aspects as a whole is required while technical skills are evaluated in football players, more then one motoric aspects should be developed at certain levels to enhance technical skills in football players. Keywords: Football, motoric aspects, technical skill
Category: Social Science

[3] viXra:1505.0198 [pdf] submitted on 2015-05-26 09:55:23

W.A. Mozart, Clarinet Concert, Stadler And Basset-Horn

Authors: Halil Emrah Ozturk
Comments: 5 Pages.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) generally composed instrumental concerto for the specific players. In the case of his bassoon concerto, he had written for bassoon player Freiherr Thaddäus von Dürnrtz, and his oboe concerto for Giuseppe Ferlendis. Mozart did not have any other occasion to compose any other bassoon concerto because he befriended only with one bassoon player. After he first heard the basset-horn, he used this instrument in many of his symphonies and he composed works for this instrument in chamber music genre. Mozart dedicated his Clarinet Concerto (K.622) to Anton Stadler (1753-1812) who was an important clarinet player of his time and Mozart’s good friend. Also, his ‘Clarnet Trio’ (K.498), ‘Clarnet Quintet’ (K.581) and ‘Quintet for Piano and Winds ’ (K. 452) are dedicated to Stadler. Therefore, Stadler first performed the A major Clarinet Concerto on October 16, 1791 in Prague. Key Words: Mozart, clarnet, stadler, basset-horn
Category: Social Science

[2] viXra:1505.0197 [pdf] submitted on 2015-05-26 09:58:35

The Relatıon Between Rhythm And Music Education in The Improvement of Basic Movement Skills Of Primary School Students of 1-4th Grades

Authors: Zeynel Turan, Fisun Kose, Hatice Camliyer
Comments: 10 Pages.

The purpose of this study is to examine the relation between rhythm and music education in the improvement of basic movement skills of primary school students of 1-4th grades. In this study combing method has been applied and the importance of music and rhythm education for students of these grades has been addressed. Articles on the importance of basic movement education for these children have been studied and a reasonable synthesis has been tried to be attained. When compared with the density of such an education for pre-school period, the number of studies signifying the importance of music and rhythm education during primary school period is rather insignificant, thus making such a study valuable. The importance of music and rhythm education for primary school students has been emphasized both through applied and observational studies, yet studies concerning basic movement have not sufficiently been referred to. In our combing-method study, the importance of the link between rhythm and movement has been emphasized. In the meantime, it can be regarded as a useful study as it may shed light on applied studies to be carried out and it may as well be helpful to researchers in the field. Keywords: Child, Basic Movement, Music, Rhythm
Category: Social Science

[1] viXra:1505.0195 [pdf] submitted on 2015-05-26 10:07:13

Investigatıon of Self-Esteem of Physical Education And Sport High School Students in Terms of Age, Gender And Doing Sport Situation

Authors: Meric Eraslan, Gokhan Caliskan, Mustafa Bas
Comments: 7 Pages.

Nowadays, sedentary lifestyle, improper eating habits, some environmental factors, genetic factors and various unhealthy lifestyle behaviors lead to the some diseases. Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and psychological disorders are among some of these diseases. The cancer diseases prevalence is know that continuously increasing in this diseases. This sitution has prepared the ground for the development of new treatments against cancer of the country. Despite cancer is still high prevalence. Cancer disease in children is reported to increase the incidence compared to previous years as in adults. Therefore, to protect children from cancer, cancer support children's treatment process, removal of some importance to improve the quality of children's health has become an important condition after the treatment process. To fight childhood cancer in the literature are also sport and physical activity participation on research findings that give useful results. However, our country was found to be limited research on this subject. İn this context the study was carried out, the prevention of cancer in childhood, in the treatment of cancer, treatment is focused on completion of the children of the benefits of sport participation in the healing process. Keywords: Childhood, cancer and sports, cancer and rehabilitation
Category: Social Science