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[2] viXra:1305.0199 [pdf] submitted on 2013-05-30 20:22:39

Safety Management Systems in Aviation Maintenance (Descriptive Statistics)

Authors: Jose D Perezgonzalez
Comments: 4 pages, Journal of Knowledge Advancement & Integration (ISSN 1177-4576), Wiki of Science, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

McDonald et al analyzed the safety management systems of four aircraft maintenance organizations (AMOs) in 1997. This article presents newly re-worked descriptive results about that research.
Category: Social Science

[1] viXra:1305.0192 [pdf] submitted on 2013-05-30 10:03:03

Freud's Mother and Father Complex Confirmed

Authors: John Frederick Sweeney
Comments: 4 Pages.

Sigmund Freud devised his theories about the Mother and Father Complex after reading Oedipus Rex, a Greek tragedy of which at least two versions have come down to us. Chinese metaphysics posits eight trigrams, the first, Qian, represents the father archetype, the second, Kun, represents the mother concept. In the ancient Chinese form of divination known as Qi Men Dun Jia, the Mother and Father Complexes appear in the form of "diseased" symbols for Qian and Kun, and may indicate overly powerful libido, if not bisexuality or homosexuality. In this way, the ancient Chinese concept provides a mathematical basis for a putative Greek concept that probably originated in extremely ancient Egypt, to affirm the correctness of Freud's theory.
Category: Social Science