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Ergonomization Needs in General Aviation (Introduction)

Authors: Jose D Perezgonzalez, Kam HP Yiu
Comments: 3 pages, Journal of Knowledge Advancement & Integration (ISSN 1177-4576), Wiki of Science, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

Perezgonzalez, Gilbey & Diaz Vilela (2010) examined the need for new technologies by single pilot operators in the general aviation industry on a global scale. This was achieved by using an online survey requesting participants to rank the importance of various flight management features. These were 22 technological features in total, grouped into five distinctive categories. Overall, results showed that cost factors were regarded as the most important feature by the group of general aviation pilots, followed by flight support. The results also indicated that instructors valued new flight technologies the most, while female pilots were less concerned with new flight technologies.
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