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The Social Concept of Power: A Theoretical Competition-Structure Model

Authors: Rodolfo Henrique Cerbaro
Comments: 6 Pages.

Defining the concept of power, as applied in the social sciences, in an uncontroversial manner has proven to be a daunting task. Considering it is a significant concept for most of the social sciences, finding an uncontroversial way of conceptualizing it is necessary. This work proposes that a manner of conceptualizing power can be obtained through trapping the concept inside a competition, which allows us to conceptualize based on the competition. Concepts of power proposed in different fields of social sciences are discussed in the light of competition-trapping, which lead us to the conclusion that the ways power has been defined in the fields relate with important competitions to them, supporting the idea that power seems to be best understood as a competition-dependent concept. This model also allows us to understand the concept without, in principle, considering any definition used for it as being incorrect, as long as it relates with a given competition.
Category: Social Science