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Is Classical Mathematics Appropriate for Theory of Computation?

Authors: Farzad Didehvar
Comments: 9 Pages.

Throughout this paper, we are trying to show how and why our Mathematical frame-work seems inappropriate to solve problems in Theory of Computation. More exactly, the concept of turning back in time in paradoxes causes inconsistency in modeling of the concept of Time in some semantic situations. As we see in the first chapter, by introducing a version of “Unexpected Hanging Paradox”, first we attempt to open a new explanation for some paradoxes. In the second step, by applying this paradox, it is demonstrated that any formalized system for the Theory of Computation based on Classical Logic and Turing Model of Computation leads us to a contradiction. We conclude that our mathematical frame work is inappropriate for Theory of Computation. Furthermore, the result provides us a reason that many problems in Complexity Theory resist to be solved. .
Category: Set Theory and Logic

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Dialectical Logic – Negation Of Classical Logic

Authors: Ilija Barukčić
Comments: 24 pages. Copyright © 2017 by Ilija Barukčić, Jever, Germany. Published by:

The division of zero by zero turns out to be a long lasting and not ending puzzle in mathematics and physics. An end of this long discussion is not in sight. In particular zero divided by zero is treated as indeterminate thus that a result cannot be found out. It is the purpose of this publication to solve the problem of the division of zero by zero while relying on the general validity of classical logic. According to classical logic, zero divided by zero is one.
Category: Set Theory and Logic