Set Theory and Logic

0910 Submissions

[1] viXra:0910.0041 [pdf] submitted on 21 Oct 2009

Experimental Proof for Gödel Theorem on Time

Authors: Amrit S. Sorli
Comments: 2 pages

In 1949, Gödel postulated a theorem that stated: "In any universe described by the theory of relativity, time cannot exist". Gödel idea was that forth coordinate of space-time is not time. Fourth coordinate is spatial too. In this article will be shown that on the base of elementary perception and experimental data Gödel theorem is right. With eyes one observes universe is in a continuous change. A change n gets transformed into a change n+1, the change n+1 into a change n+2 and so on. Clocks measure a frequency, velocity and numerical order of change. Experimental date confirms that changes and clocks do not run time; they run in space only. Time is not a part of space. Fourth coordinate of space-time is spatial too. Space itself is timeless. Physical time that is clocks run is man created physical reality. Fundamental arena of the universe is timeless space. In the timeless space into which massive bodies and elementary particles move there is no past and no future. Past and future belong to the inner neuronal space-time that is a result of neuronal activity of the brain.
Category: Set Theory and Logic