General Science and Philosophy

1901 Submissions

[4] viXra:1901.0186 [pdf] submitted on 2019-01-14 03:57:54

Aliens and the Human Race

Authors: Salvatore Gerard Micheal
Comments: 2 Pages.

we're all alone here on Earth; get used to it
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[3] viXra:1901.0102 [pdf] replaced on 2019-01-09 21:29:04

The Operational Protocol

Authors: Miguel A. Sanchez-Rey
Comments: 1 Page.

Implement procedural 6th.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[2] viXra:1901.0059 [pdf] submitted on 2019-01-05 15:38:52

Common Crime Scrutiny and Prediction in Cyprus

Authors: Collins Ugo, Lambros Kaoullas
Comments: 8 Pages. european university cyprus

Crime Scrutiny is a wonder approach for identifying patterns and relationships in crime. Our method would predict areas which have high chances of crime occurrence in Cyprus and can be called crime prone areas in Cyprus. Using the help of data mining we can come up with useful information from unstructured data or data that have yet to make any sense. Here we use the approach of data science and justice system to develop a data mining method that can help us solve some crimes in a faster manner for reasons of securing time. Using the old method which is checking criminal upbringing of involved persons in crime, our method is just going to focus on we statistically data of crimes committed yearly or at a particular time.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[1] viXra:1901.0057 [pdf] submitted on 2019-01-05 19:27:55

Cellular Automaton Graphics(5)

Authors: Morio Kikuchi
Comments: 66 Pages.

Developping a regular polyhedron on a plane, setting discrete coordinates on the development and applying a boundary condition of regular polyhedron to it, we realize a symmetrical graphics.
Category: General Science and Philosophy