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[6] viXra:1505.0207 [pdf] submitted on 2015-05-27 10:43:20

The 10 Dimensions of the Complex Universe

Authors: Luis Sancho
Comments: 69 Pages.

What is the Universe? 'A complex, fractal, super organism of 10 informative dimensions'. This answer, which resumes the formal and logic principles of systems sciences, also called complexity, is surprisingly short, but 'more complex' than the one physicists explore... which only has 4 dimensions. In that sense, a physicist would reply to the same question: 'A simplex, continuous mechanism in 4 spatial dimensions'. And this is a huge 'leap' in understanding, from 'simplex' to 'complex', from ‘continuous’ to ‘fractal’, from 'mechanism' to 'organism', from an energetic, spatial description to an informative, temporal one, from '4 meager dimensions' to a whole tetrarkys of them. This means we complex scientists, parts of the 10D fractal Universe have 6 more real dimensions, besides the 4 usual dimensions simplex physicists used to describe reality, which are, x-length, y-height, z-width –the dimensions of space - and one dimension of time: Present, Time Duration: T (or its inverse function of frequency, Tƒ =1/T, which measures the number of ‘wave steps’ in a motion; hence gives us more information than a continuous time duration and it is preferred in complexity). Indeed Physicists calculate Time Duration, as a present dimension of ‘simultaneous time’, useful to measure the translation of any being in space. This Duration/frequency dimension of time, Tƒ, however is a short; 'present' dimension both in Galilean relativity, as it is obtained with ‘instantaneous derivatives’, (∂t = ∂S/ v), and in Einstein's Relativity (as Time is defined as 'simultaneous' measure). Reality and all of us, part of it, has more motions in time than short-lived spatial translations (external motions, created by repetitive=present steps, which do not change the internal form of the being). There are also 'informative motions'... slow 'internal motions' that change the structure of the being, such as evolution and the life-death cycle. And there are also multiple 'scales' of spatial size and social organization, from the quantum microcosms to the cosmological scale, which co-exist as entities with ‘different speeds of time and information processing (so a small particle turns and moves much faster than a big animal) Hence in as much as their two ‘parameters’ of measure of space (size) and time (speed) are different for entities of those ‘different scales’ of space-time, they must be treated as belonging to discontinuous planes of space-time, each one with its own dimensions. This is the fundamental insight of complexity about the structure of the Universe. And so to understand the complex Universe with all those 'slow changes in time from past to future' and relative scales of spatial size with different time speeds, we need to consider a more complex view of the ‘dimensions of time’, and also introduce the concept of different scales of space-time co-existing within a physical or biological system.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[5] viXra:1505.0204 [pdf] submitted on 2015-05-27 04:55:05

Interpretating and Expanding The Golden Mean of Confucius with Neutrosophic Tetrad

Authors: Fu Yuhua
Comments: 6 Pages.

Neutrosophy is a new branch of philosophy that studies the origin, nature, and scope of neutralities, as well as their interactions with different ideational spectra. There are many similarities between The Golden Mean and Neutrosophy. In order to achieve the mission of the expansion and development of The Golden Mean towards "modernization" and "globalization", not only Chinese scholars, but also foreign scholars should participate in this mission, and not only Chinese contemporary popular ideas and methods, but also foreign contemporary popular ideas and methods should be applied. There are many different ways for interpretating and expanding The Golden Mean with “Neutrosophic tetrad”(thesis-antithesis-neutrothesis-neutrosynthesis), and come to different conclusions. This paper emphasizes the one conclusion that in practice, The Golden Mean cannot be applied lonely for long-term; it needs to be combined with other "principle".
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[4] viXra:1505.0196 [pdf] submitted on 2015-05-26 10:03:17

The Benefits of Sports To Treatment And Rehabilitation Process in Cancer Patient Children

Authors: Mesut Hekim
Comments: 12 Pages.

Nowadays, sedentary lifestyle, improper eating habits, some environmental factors, genetic factors and various unhealthy lifestyle behaviors lead to the some diseases. Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and psychological disorders are among some of these diseases. The cancer diseases prevalence is know that continuously increasing in this diseases. This sitution has prepared the ground for the development of new treatments against cancer of the country. Despite cancer is still high prevalence. Cancer disease in children is reported to increase the incidence compared to previous years as in adults. Therefore, to protect children from cancer, cancer support children's treatment process, removal of some importance to improve the quality of children's health has become an important condition after the treatment process. To fight childhood cancer in the literature are also sport and physical activity participation on research findings that give useful results. However, our country was found to be limited research on this subject. İn this context the study was carried out, the prevention of cancer in childhood, in the treatment of cancer, treatment is focused on completion of the children of the benefits of sport participation in the healing process. Keywords: Childhood, cancer and sports, cancer and rehabilitation
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[3] viXra:1505.0115 [pdf] submitted on 2015-05-15 15:24:11

The Sleeping Beauty Problem Is Just Another Fairy Tale

Authors: Percy Forest
Comments: 26 Pages.

ABSTRACT : The Sleeping Beauty Problem is shown to be misconceived and therefore incoherent. A model of the experiment is presented along with a properly conceived treatment of betting scenarios. The views of 'thirders', 'halfers' and 'double halfers' are examined when this model comports with the experience of Sleeping Beauty. Bayesian inference and the proper role of credence are also discussed.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[2] viXra:1505.0045 [pdf] replaced on 2016-01-15 16:15:23

Non-Newtonian Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

Authors: Michail Zak
Comments: 28 Pages.

The challenge of this work is to connect physics with the concept of intelligence. By intelligence we understand a capability to move from disorder to order without external resources, i.e. in violation of the second law of thermodynamics. The objective is to find such a mathematical object described by ODE that possesses such a capability. The proposed approach is based upon modification of the Madelung version of the Schrodinger equation by replacing the force following from quantum potential with non-conservative forces that link to the concept of information. A mathematical formalism suggests that a hypothetical intelligent particle, besides the capability to move against the second law of thermodynamics, acquires such properties like self-image, self-awareness, self- supervision, etc. that are typical for Livings. However since this particle being a quantum-classical hybrid acquires non-Newtonian and non-quantum properties, it does not belong to the physics matter as we know it: the modern physics should be complemented with the concept of the information force that represents a bridge to intelligent particle. As a follow-up of the proposed concept, the following question is addressed: can artificial intelligence (AI) system composed only of physical components compete with a human? The answer is proven to be negative if the AI system is based only on simulations, and positive if digital devices are included. It has been demonstrated that there exists such a quantum neural net that performs simulations combined with digital punctuations. The universality of this quantum-classical hybrid is in capability to violate the second law of thermodynamics by moving from disorder to order without external resources. This advanced capability is illustrated by examples. In conclusion, a mathematical machinery of the perception that is the fundamental part of a cognition process as well as intelligence is introduced and discussed.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[1] viXra:1505.0028 [pdf] replaced on 2015-05-05 09:08:05

Science in Uncertainty

Authors: Manjunath.R
Comments: 12 Pages. Science is not about certainty

The very expression “certainty” is a contradiction in terms. There is rarely such thing as 100% certainty – and everything less than this is uncertain. The very core of science is the deep awareness that we have wrong ideas, we have prejudices. We have ingrained prejudices and these prejudices are organized into equations. For many people this might be a startling claim. Uncertainty does not mean we know nothing, that evidence is unquestionably fraught with misinterpretation. We can say how far we are from the end state, ‘almost certain’ for instance. Our facts and knowledge of the science should always be taken with a skeptical grain salt. Uncertainty in science which in effect means that nothing is real in any absolute sort of way.
Category: General Science and Philosophy