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Life Without a General Center

Authors: R. V. Klinkerman
Comments: 4 Pages.

In articles of the author [2], [3] the version of organization of life when it to a great extent is operated and provided from the center of Earth was offered to consideration. In present article the alternative version when life has no an operating center and represents network structure is considered. Given article is extension and expansion of article of the author « Essence of life » [1]. Keywords: information, adaptation, evolution, activity, creation, beginning of life, centralization, a state, bacteria.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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Energy in the Universe and its Syntropic Forms of Existence According to the BSM - Supergravitation Unified Theory

Authors: Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev
Comments: 7 Pages. v1 - English; v2 - Bulgarian

According to the BSM- Supergravitation Unified Theory (BSM-SG), the energy is indispensable feature of matter, while the matter possesses hierarchical levels of organization. The physical vacuum according to BSM-SG possesses underlying organized structure called a Cosmic Lattice. It contains two types of energies: a Static one, that is enormous but not electromagnetic and a dynamic one - connected to electricity and magnetism. At the upper levels of matter organization is the atomic energy, followed by the chemical energy. The next upper level is the energy of the biomolecules, including the DNA and the proteins. They can store energy as rotating quantum states in rings of atoms. A detailed hypothesis about such a feature was previously published in When the stored in such way energy is released it may form rings of entangled photons circulating in a localized space volume. This envisioned upper energy level is able to store information, so it is called an information field. Based on the properties of the photons to preserve their energy, the information field should be stable.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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Lean Manufacturing: a Concept Towards a Sustainable Management

Authors: Mirela Teodorescu, Alina Tenescu
Comments: 14 Pages.

When we say lean, we think that is a process centered on preserving value with less work. Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy derived mostly from the Toyota Production System (TPS) and identified as "lean" only in the 1990s (Womack, Jones, Roos, 1990; Holweg, 2007). Lean manufacturing is a concept, developed mostly in automotive plants. It is much more than tools and boards. Comparing building of a racket or plane with automotive industry we are determined to say that is easier for automotive because are much simpler than a racket also the number of component parts is about 5000 for a vehicle comparing to 60000 for a racket. The thinks are quite reverse because a rocket is built, generously, in few months, automotive industry builds from 500 to 1000 units each shift, all of them can be different type. Imagine 10 options with possibility OK and NOK, resulting 2**10 different types. In this situation, it is not easy to build these 1000 cars in 8 hours without a perfect logistic and discipline. Lean manufacturing is a concept that reorganize not only the material flow, technology, the tools and devices, but also the behavior, the thinking, the culture.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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Corporate Social Responsibilities Collaborating for the Future

Authors: Mirela Teodorescu, Petre Bosun, Bianca Teodorescu
Comments: 12 Pages.

Global economy of the world is about to exceed the limit of endurance of the Earth, pushing civilization from early phase of the XXI century closer to a possible crash than ever. In our concern for quarterly profit growth from one year to another, we lose sight of the magnitude scale of human activity in relation to the earth's resources. A century ago, the annual growth of the global economy was measured in trillions. As a result, the consuming of renewable resources faster than their regeneration. Forests are shrinking, grasslands are deteriorating, water fall, fishing seats collapse and soils erode. Depletion of oil is at a pace that leaves little time for planning what will be beyond its peak. And "unload" in the atmosphere gases with greenhouse effect faster than nature can absorb them, thus reaching a stage where increasing the soil temperature is significantly higher than it has ever been since the beginning of agriculture in here.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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New Communication Approaches Vs. Traditional Communication

Authors: Mirela Teodorescu, Ioan Constantin Dima, Daniela Gifu
Comments: 10 Pages.

The study highlights some communication instances of actual approach of human society evolution in contrast with traditional communication. During the history of communication dates back to prehistory, with significant changes in communication technologies (media and appropriate inscription tools) evolving in tandem with shifts in political and economic systems, and by extension, systems of power (Innis, 1951), communication can range from very subtle processes of exchange, to full conversations and mass communication. Human communication was revolutionized with speech approximately 100,000 years ago, Symbols were developed about 30,000 years ago ( Diringer, 1982) and writing about 5000 years ago, with Aristotle defining first some metrics of communication, remarcable philosophers as Kant, Hegel, Witgestein, Haidegger, Gadamer developing basics of communication, then in XXth century, communication being defined as science, involving all sciences, whole world, because in fact “It is impossible not to communicate” (first axiom of communication). This evolution passed from simple messages, speeches, poems, novels to sophisticated discourses, reducing time response, emphasizing part of messaging, enlarging participation, media involving, persuasion techniques, sound and image in message, all of these convey to viral communication.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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Highlights on Mental Processes in Management

Authors: Mirela Teodorescu, Vladimir Modrak, Daniela Gifu
Comments: 10 Pages.

Mental process or cognition process is a term often used for all the acts that people can do with their minds. These acts include perception, introspection, reasoning, creativity, imagination, memory, idea, belief, volition, and emotion. A mental event represents an instance involved in cognitive process. The perceiving of the event is different from each event depending of perceiving capacity of that instance. Along human existence, philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, Descartes, Leibniz, Spinoza, Kant, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Daniel Dennett and et alli. The structure of the mental process is part of psychology and psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and William James who developed essential theories about the nature of the human mind. In the last decades of the 20th and early 21st centuries the domain of cognitive science emerged and developed many varied approaches related to the description of mind and its related phenomena. The field of artificial intelligence is the possibility of non-human minds also explored, and works closely in relation with cybernetics and information theory to understand the ways in which human mental phenomena can be replicated by non-biological machines. The mental process domain is by far vast, this study is suggesting only to highlight some of aspects, subjects of thought for human being.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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Florentin Smarandache& Stefan Vladutescu: Neutrosophic Emergences and Incidences in Communication and Review

Authors: Mirela Teodorescu, Dan Ionescu
Comments: 6 Pages.

Neutrosophic emergences and incidences in communication and information, published in Germany/Saarbrücken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing in 2013, is a book that constitutes a new trend, a new approach in the science of logic, philosophy, communication theory, information, an approached and exemplification that it was wanted, it was intuited, it was expected but it has no mathematical foundation, that is neutrosophy. It is a book that presents avant-garde information. It is written by two appreciated researchers and inexhaustible perpetual idea machines: professors Florentin Smarandache and Ştefan Vlăduţescu. First of them is professor of mathematics at University of New Mexico/ USA, the second is professor of communication theory at University of Craiova/ Romania. Both of them have published a lot of books and papers in domain of philosophy, communication, sociology, psychology, mathematics and literature. Logic started in Ancient with Classical Logic of Aristotle, developed and covered by Three Valued Logic of Lukasiewicz, next ring being Fuzzy Logic of Zadech, finally the comprehensive Neutrosophic Logic of Smarandache.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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Communicational Positive Propaganda in Democracy

Authors: Mirela Teodorescu, Oprea Valentin Busu, Daniela Gifu
Comments: 12 Pages.

This study examines the propaganda from point of view of positive effects in actual social life dominated by democracy. People have to deal with propaganda in ordinary life: it happens through advertising, propaganda occurs in political speeches, in TV shows, even in the news… With the development of means of communication and especially of mass media, propaganda has become inseparable from the contemporary mass culture. Some sociologists state that the tendencies of propagating particular lifestyles and models of behavior have a negative impact on the society; on the other hand, propaganda can be used for positive purposes: for example, for spreading healthy lifestyle, anti-smoking and anti-drugs campaigns, anti-discrimination ideas etc.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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What makes a Great Scientist?

Authors: Joseph I. Thomas
Comments: 7 Pages. To soon appear in a Nigerian Christian Conference Proceedings

As the title suggests, this essay compiles some of the characteristic qualities of a scientist par excellence. It is based on the author's study of the lives and personalities of some truly brilliant men who made their mark in science and in the process transformed this world for the better.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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The Dark Backward of Time pp. 26-27

Authors: Benet Casablancas
Comments: 2 Pages.

Páginas 26 y 27 de la partitura de Benet Casablancas "The Dark Backward of Time".
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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The Dark Backward of Time pp. 30-31

Authors: Benet Casablancas
Comments: 2 Pages.

Páginas 30 y 31 de la partitura de Benet Casablancas "The Dark Backward of Time".
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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Small Jump with Negation-UTM Trampoline

Authors: Koji KOBAYASHI
Comments: 3 Pages.

This paper divide some complexity class by using fixpoint and fixpointless area of Decidable Universal Turing Machine (UTM). Decidable Deterministic Turing Machine (DTM) have fixpointless combinator that add no extra resources (like Negation), but UTM makes some fixpoint in the combinator. This means that we can jump out of the fixpointless combinator system by making more complex problem from diagonalisation argument of UTM. As a concrete example, we proof L is not P . We can make Polynomial time UTM that emulate all Logarithm space DTM (LDTM). LDTM set close under Negation, therefore UTM does not close under LDTM set. (We can proof this theorem like halting problem and time/space hierarchy theorem, and also we can extend this proof to divide time/space limited DTM set.) In the same way, we proof P is not NP. These are new hierarchy that use UTM and Negation.
Category: General Science and Philosophy