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Sobre la Incompletez del Lenguaje y Su Imposibilidad de Definir la Existencia

Authors: Adriano Israel Vismara
Comments: 5 Pages.

La existencia de Dios es no-decidible, y por tanto cualquier discusión al respecto es absolutamente estéril, me propongo en este pequeño artículo, arrojar luz a discusión que parece que su único fin es dividir al hombre y llenar los bolsillos de teístas y ateístas.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

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Theories of Everything by Logic

Authors: Wan-Jiung Hu
Comments: 430 Pages.

The author Wan-Jiung Hu(born1973) is a MD (National Taiwan University) and PhD (Johns Hopkins University). This book contains theories of everything in physics, chemistry, biology, geosciences, and economics. Spinity is a force to drag spacetime to rotate around central mass. Rest mass produces gravity, spinning mass produces spinity; rest charge produces electricity, spinning charge produces magnetism. Light is also gravity wave. Space has smallest unit, and time is decided by light. Lightity is dark energy. Photon emitted from galaxy expands the universe acceleratedly via light pressure. General relativity suggests mass induces spacetime curvature; charge relativity suggests charge induces spacetime torsion(vortex). There is no dark matter, and spiral galaxies (vortex) are formed due to charge relativity which replaces quantum electrodynamics. Integrating general relativity, charge relativity, and radiation tensor, we get Universe Field Theory. We can also deduct the birth and end of universe. Unified field theory can also be obtained. Integrating gravitospinity and electromagnetism, we deduct a determinative atom model and chemical bond theory replacing quantum mechanics. In addition, I propose a new chemical bond theory according to the new atom model. Homochirality is due to co-catalysis of L-amino acids and D-sugars. Extinction is due to Milankovitch cycle. Earthquake is caused by radiation release from inner earth which explains Electromagnetism/ ionosphere anomaly and intra-tectonic earthquakes replacing plate tectonic earthquake theory. Tornado genesis is related to charge relativity. In economics, I propose money conservation and monetary leverage to explain economic bubbles. In mathematics, I propose strong light interaction. This book is very important to earthquake prediction and tornado control.
Category: General Science and Philosophy