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Ancient Quantum Knowledge, True Human Evolution and the Path of the Soul

Authors: Royan Rosche
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Humans beings are formed out of matter that resides directly below stars, observational reality dictates that matter on earth is inferior to the eight spheres above which are illuminated in comparison to the seven matter workers called electron energy levels that form the foundation for physical perception. This paper reveals 100% ancient quantum knowledge that sages, mystics, magi, and occultist called the seven governors which refer to what we call the seven energy levels of matter. The Path of the Soul is to literally overcome these seven and move to the realm of the eight spheres of the planets that reside literally above as it has been revealed to the ancient sage Hermes by the Universal Conscious Intelligence. The author reveals a profound secret of genetic evolution that occurs with the mind that no Darwinist can ever possibly imagine being so confined to the laws of matter.
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