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The General Intelligent Design (GID) Model

Authors: Robert A. Herrmann
Comments: 6 Pages.

In this article, a history as to the discovery and publications of the General Intelligent Design (GID) properties is given. The major GID conclusions are stated and a brief glossary is given.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

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Eternal Living Conceived by Saint Ramalingar

Authors: Thaa Swamiji
Comments: 13 Pages. na

The human being is unique and is highly evolved species from all animate entities. Its greatness is not only its creative thinking as well as its constant inclination towards the original source from which it has emanated. The other animals act and react by its inbuilt genetically programmed instinct; they just exist by survival of the fittest. Their operations are limited to eating, mating, sleeping and self defending. Since the capabilities of the brain are under developed. They were not able to withstand the vagaries of nature and so they enslaved by nature. .....
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

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Om Sri Gurubyo Namaha

Authors: Thaa Swamiji
Comments: 164 Pages. na

The author His Holiness Seshadri Sivanar is an erudite and well informed of the treatises in Sanskrit and Tamil which are akin to the vast expansed ocean. He was very much delighted and interested to present to the world, his self knowledge of the “identity of the Soul and the Reality” attained by his self experience. ....
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

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The Spiritual Wisdom of Sasi Vannan

Authors: Thaa Swamiji
Comments: 22 Pages. na

As moon, sun, fire, water, air, ether, earth and Individual self, in an octal form (Attamoortham); As substratum (Athipathi) for all and in existence and in non- existence is That Pure Consciousness in my heart; meditate it I *By the utterance of the learned and by the acumen of the intellect The humans distinguish as the path I follow is good The path the other follows is bad; Yet, for all the Reality reveals as they thinketh; So shall I be as the Absoluteness and abide in it ...
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

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On the Creation of Our Universe

Authors: Thaa Swamiji
Comments: 37 Pages. NA

The ancient Indian seers are not much concerned about creation theory. Though they have formulated a more reasonable theory in Thaitriya Upanishad. The A agamas (meaning journey to the Divinity/Aa divinity, Gama). In India, there is a famous cupid festival which is based on the puranic mythological episode of Lord Siva burning to ashes the Cupid, the deity of sex and vitality. So, an image of the deity cupid has to be created to burn him in the celebration of the festival. The purpose is transcendence from the haunting thought of desire to divinity as well as a inner transformation from sex to super consciousness. So, the celebrities are not concerned in making and beautifying the image of the cupid and a just ordinary simple image is created .So also, the purpose of the seers is to regain the paradise lost. So to say, to establish an identity for the individual self with the divinity. So, a creation basis from divinity to the element earth is needed to retreat the path that is from projection to dissolution. However, the well informed say that there are more than 62 theories of creation each speaking differently. The main texts are mythology, Upanishads, Saiva and sakta agamas and the scientific theories like big bang and so on extending to quantum theory. Abi initio, there are two basic theories about creation. The first negates the creation and says that everything is one only , whatever you see is the Absolute alone; there is none a second what it is said ass second is unreal including Maya. This is known as non creation doctrine.(Ajada Vaatham) The other is doctrine of creation in which are seen including Maya are real and so doer. However, if there is an effect, the cause must be included in the effect and the effect cannot be without a cause (sad Kariya Vaatham) The eternal existence as cause produces different effects and for each one there is a cause. If at all any other thing is to be introduced certain special significance are to be attached to the non real. In this work the author attempts to make a brief review of various creation theories and tries to give a theory acceptable to the prudence logic, good conscience and equity of the common man.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

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Misconception of Kundalini

Authors: Thaa Samiji
Comments: 17 Pages. NA

A worldwide awareness is being created for more than five decades beginning from the visit of Swami Vivekananda to the United States of America and a historical famous lecture made by him in the world religious conference at Chicago in the year ----------. Thenceforth several spiritual dignitaries propagated both by introducing yogic practice based on the eight limbed aphorisms of mystic union. (Patanjali Astaanga yoga sutras) Ghernda Samhita, Siva Samhita and Hatha yoga Deepika and from the texts of Thantra spiritual science. ...
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

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A Surprising Phenomenon in Vedic Philosophy

Authors: Thaa Swamiji
Comments: 53 Pages. na

Maslow has classified the human needs in to five parts. They are physiological, sex, safety, esteem and higher self actualization. Many persons live in this world un aware of the purposes of life. The aim of the life shall be un tainted absolute bliss. Bliss which is the result of the fulfillment of the self actualizing. Swami Vivekananda famous statement is “every soul is potentially Divine”. So, the purpose of life is to re-discover the Divinity in every entity not only in us and make it known to the intellect. A process of self enquiry is essential to know our real Nature as to” who am I”
Category: Religion and Spiritualism