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Poetry for the Soul

Authors: Andrew Nassif
Comments: 2 Pages.

Poetry for the Soul is a collection of 4 inspirational poems on the topics of Pain, Life, Marriage, and Love. The poems are emotionally driven and can have a powerful impact on those who read them.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

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The Strengths of Superstructure Modeled Divine Attributes

Authors: Robert A. Herrmann
Comments: 11 Pages.

Since 1969, the superstructure has been the usual approach to nonstandard analysis. The method used to measure the strength of a Grundlegend-Deductive (GD)-model Divine attribute, which is comparable to a human attribute, is, at least, partially expressible in terms of cardinality. In this paper, it is shown that, for the non-atomic approach to superstructure construction, such cardinalities do not have a set-theory upper bound. A one-step rational extension of class theory does yield the entire collection of these partial measures. However, this is not the introduced notion of the generic infinite, a concept we, most likely, can not technically describe. This result also applies to the higher-intelligence prediction for the General Intelligent Design (GID)-model.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism