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Scientific Miracles of God and a Cataclysm

Authors: Sylwester Kornowski
Comments: 10 Pages.

There are the two strong evidences of existence of God i.e. the imprinted on Europe the arrangement of the 7 stars/"sisters" in the Pleiades and the very important numerical connections between science and religion. The thin coatings composed of dark matter should lead to a cataclysm in the solar system.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

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The Easily Comprehended General Intelligent Design Model

Authors: Robert A. Herrmann
Comments: 12 Pages.

In this article, a basic human "thought" procedure is described. It is employed to demonstrate the simplest and, yet, most significant aspect of the General Intelligent Design Model (GID-model). This aspect is related to descriptions for ordinary human experiences. It is shown how these statements are translated rationally into statements that describe the behavior of an higher-intelligence.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism