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Hunab Ku, Agnostos Theos, and Doomsday 12/21/2012: a Short Note

Authors: Victor Christianto
Comments: 13 Pages. this short paper is not yet submitted to any journal

There are a number of articles published recently with intention to soothe the anxiety of many people in recent years. This anxiety is concerning the coming doomsday which is claimed to happen at December 21, 2012 [1][2][3][4]. These articles support the argument put forth by many scientists and majority of governments that the claimed prediction by the ancient Mayas of the end of the world is a false prediction. This short note supports this kind of argument. I go even further to explore the notion of Hunab Ku, the Supreme Creator according to the ancient Mayan people, and see if that name can be related to The Unknown God (Agnostos Theos) according to St. Paul in his speech in Athena (Acts 17:23). I then conclude that it is difficult to relate the name of Hunab Ku with Agnostos Theos of St. Paul, even though there are many similarities between them.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism