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Interpreting Science from the Perspective of Religion:the Dinosaur Existed for a Few Literal Hours on Earth!

Authors: Henok Tadesse
Comments: 8 Pages.

The dinosaur evolved, lived, became extinct and was fossilized within a few literal hours! Claim1: According to the Christian theology, the universe, the earth and life were created by God only about 7500 years ago. The human being was exceptionally created by God. God created life and the universe according to the laws of nature and the universe He created Himself, with some exceptions, including the creation of the human being. Claim2: Yet, according to scientific theories and facts, the age of the universe is around 13.7 billion years, the earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago, life on earth started about 2.5 billion? years ago and species evolved through natural selection for billions and millions of years. How can we reconcile these discrepancies? Fundamentally, we can’t comprehend creation of life and the universe by God, as it is. However, we can use analogies, models to interpret the scientific theories from religious perspective. If the scientific theories and facts are correct and valid, then... God completed millions and billions years of evolutionary processes in a few literal hours and days! God SPEEDED UP the evolutionary processes of biology, fossilization, geology and cosmology. ‘SPEEDING’ up can be interpreted in two different ways. The first interpretation is to think of an analogy with speeding up the playing rate of your DVD player. While speeding up the cosmic evolutions, the evolutions on earth were going normal. And while speeding up the evolutionary processes on earth, the cosmic evolutions were going normal. The dinosaur existed for millions of years from its own perspective; from God’s perspective it existed for a few literal, real hours . However, the animals and plants never experienced night, because they were born, lived and died during a fraction of time in the daytime. The second interpretation is that from dinosaurs point of view, it existed on earth for millions of years. However, from God’s perspective, the dinosaur existed for a few literal hours on earth. The dinosaur evolved, lived, became extinct and was fossilized in a few literal hours. The second interpretation differs from the first one in that the same sun that swept the sky only once on creation Friday from the perspective of God also swept the sky billions of times from the dinosaur’s perspective, resulting in billions of days and nights. Rationally this is incomprehensible and perhaps impossible, but spiritually it is possible. However this second alternative interpretation seems to contradict with Genesis because there were no billions of days and nights implied on the Genesis. However we will keep this alternative too. In these interpretations, two time perspectives have been presented. But how do we know which time perspective is real and which one is illusion ? The only way we know the reality of one time perspective is through our consciousness. A scientist strongly opposing religious teachings would surely say it was one literal week and not billions of years, after AWAKENING, if he lived during creation week because he is a conscious being. So consciousness and real time may have relationship. On the other hand, there is an inconsistency between fossil succession and Genesis. This might be because fossil dating shows when the animals or plants died, where as Genesis shows when they were created. This has the implication that life spans might have been millions or billions of years during creation time, varying from species to species. The variation in likelihood of fossilization of each species may also have some role.
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Difference Between Science \\ \\ and Religion ? a Superficial, Yet Tragi-Comic \\ \\ Misunderstanding ...

Authors: Elemer E Rosinger
Comments: 10 Pages.

It is shown that, contrary to customary perception, at their very roots, both science and religion are based on certain mere sensations of truth which are not validated, and instead, are accepted upon belief as being in fact true.
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Celebrating Day of Truth

Authors: H.Tadesse
Comments: 2 Pages.

Truth is the basis of our existence. Therefore, even in our daily lives we should practice telling the truth. Truth leads to consistency, harmony and peace. Even if things go wrong telling the truth will stop further complications and can ‘undo’ things that went wrong. Telling the truth will even help us to overcome evil practices. If we build a culture of telling the truth people will not do wrong in the first place. However, the reality is that people are more and more lying than telling the truth, at all levels. We are moving towards systems that are based on lies. If we don’t follow truth then there will be no mutual trust and it will be very difficult or impossible to do anything at all. Wherever truth is suppressed, there will be considerable inefficiencies and disharmony. Civilization, technological advancement and economic prosperity are only secondary to truth or these will not advance where truth is suppressed. Where truth is suppressed there will not be peace. There is a prophesy that tells us the time will come when it will be impossible to find someone who tells the truth1 and as we are living in the final days of our world that prophesy seems to start to apply to our time. Celebrating the Day of Truth helps us at least to remind us about truth. It may also help us to build a culture of truth if we understand the problem and practice following truth seriously.
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