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[2] viXra:1111.0052 [pdf] submitted on 14 Nov 2011

Universe Invariant and Universe Specific Concepts in the Niv Bible

Authors: James R. Akerlund
Comments: 4 pages

The point of this paper is for you to see universe invariant (UI) and universe specific (US) aspects in your own life. We do this by showing verses from the Bible that seem to show how the world is divided into UI and US realms. This will broaden your understanding of UI and US. We give specific examples from 22 verses and suggest 6 more verses with an additional verse as a counterexample to the previous 28 verses. The author uses verses from the New International Version (NIV) Bible and does not attempt to interpret the verses from their original languages.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism

[1] viXra:1111.0048 [pdf] submitted on 12 Nov 2011

Quantum Origins of the Question of God.

Authors: Paul Karl Hoiland
Comments: 6 pages

By taking a closer look at true quantum theory stemming from the idea of Hyperspace and it's effects on lightcones versus our observational state I show the question of is there a God cannot honestly be eliminated from what is possible. I also in brief discuss the possibility of the human soul or spirit from the aspect of Observation and Quantum Theory in the first place.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism