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[1] viXra:1109.0065 [pdf] submitted on 29 Sep 2011

The Milky Way Mythology and the Stories of Creation

Authors: Ivar Nielsen
Comments: 23 pages

When studying Myths, and especially the Creation Myths, it's very clear, that the modern interpretation is far away from the original meaning. Even present Native People seem to have forgotten the right and clear meaning. Myths are to be interpreted in the way of a concrete cosmological context, and the Myths of Creation is very significantly connected to the Milky Way. When connecting Creation Myths to modern scientifically knowledge of Astronomy and Cosmology, and especially the Milky Way, the Myths very clearly are telling a concrete story of Creation, even so clear that the Myths in many cases supersedes the modern knowledge, partly because ancient people had a circular way of viewing the Cosmos and partly because of their natural sensitivity and spirituality.
Category: Religion and Spiritualism