Quantum Physics

0907 Submissions

[10] viXra:0907.0044 [pdf] submitted on 29 Jul 2009

Formation and Constitution of Solar System

Authors: Vladislav Konovalov
Comments: 15 pages

In the article is shown, that the planets are in quantum exited states and have appeared as a result of capture bodily or in the greater part.
Category: Quantum Physics

[9] viXra:0907.0042 [pdf] submitted on 28 Jul 2009


Authors: Vladislav Konovalov
Comments: 13 pages.

In the article the different kinds of radiations are considered.
Category: Quantum Physics

[8] viXra:0907.0038 [pdf] submitted on 25 Jul 2009

Frequency of Photons in Absolute Space of a Newton

Authors: Vladislav Konovalov
Comments: 19 pages

In the article the radiation and reception of photons in different conditions is considered.
Category: Quantum Physics

[7] viXra:0907.0023 [pdf] submitted on 20 Jul 2009

Properties of the Geometric Phases on Qbits

Authors: Anthony Pinedo Araujo
Comments: 39 pages. This paper is written in Spanish. The title and the abstact are written in both languages English and Spanish. The content is in Spanish.

Since Berry demostrated that the standard description of adiabatic processes in quantum mechanics was incomplete, geometric phases have been studied in many areas of physics. Both adiabatic and non-adiabatic phase are described in detail, with the mathematical background. Then we study the qbit, that is the principal unit of information of the quantum computation, and its representation on the Bloch sphere. Finally we find the general expression for geometric phases for qbits. Those final expression are in fact related to the solid angle enclosed in the circuit on the Bloch sphere.
Category: Quantum Physics

[6] viXra:0907.0021 [pdf] submitted on 19 Jul 2009

Audit of a Quantum Mechanics

Authors: Vladislav Konovalov
Comments: 12 pages

The problems solving of a quantum mechanics is obtained by a classic way or with the help of a corpuscular quantum mechanics
Category: Quantum Physics

[5] viXra:0907.0019 [pdf] submitted on 18 Jul 2009

Neoclassical Physics Corpuscular Quantum Mechanics

Authors: Vladislav Konovalov
Comments: 21 pages

In the article the motion of a body on a circumference is updated and the hypothesis of originating of a gravidynamic field is stated at motion of gravitational charges.
Category: Quantum Physics

[4] viXra:0907.0017 [pdf] submitted on 18 Jul 2009

Some Reasons about Motion Photons

Authors: Vladislav Konovalov
Comments: 17 pages

In the article the motion of photons is reviewed in connection with miscellaneous properties of light.
Category: Quantum Physics

[3] viXra:0907.0016 [pdf] submitted on 18 Jul 2009

Theory of Heat Radiation and Degradation of Oscillators

Authors: Vladislav Konovalov
Comments: 4 pages

Is offered neoclassical of the Planck formula construction and the degradation of oscillators resulting in to originating of relict radiation is shown.
Category: Quantum Physics

[2] viXra:0907.0009 [pdf] submitted on 16 Jul 2009

The N Particle Model

Authors: David Martin Degner
Comments: 56 pages

The universe is made of a single elementary particle that is neither created nor destroyed. I have named that particle the N particle. A one elementary particle model that makes physics as simple as it can get is the ultimate in Occam's razor. This is a simple theory of everything. I analyze only simple symmetries, usually just point sources or spherical objects, so the geometry is simple and the equations are simple. Everything is at the level of introductory physics using calculus and some very important pieces of the puzzle are at the middle school science level.
Category: Quantum Physics

[1] viXra:0907.0004 [pdf] submitted on 10 Jul 2009

The Role Of Space And Time In Non-Relativistic Quantum Physics

Authors: Rafael-Andrés Alemañ-Berenguer
Comments: 10 pages

Since the very begining of quantum theory there started a debate on the proper role of space and time in it. Some authors assumed that space and time have their own algebraic operators. On that basis they supposed that quantum particles had "coordinates of position", even though those coordinates were not possible to determine with infinite precision. Furthermore, time in quantum physics was taken to be on an equal foot, by means of a so-called "Heisenberg's fourth relation of indeterminacy" concerning time and energy. In this paper, the proper role of space and time in the core of non-relativistic quantum phsysics is analyzed. We will find that, rigorously, that relation for time and energy shows a different root. For the role of space, it will be discussed that there is no "coordinate of position" in the conceptual structure of quantum physics because quantum particles are not point-like objects.
Category: Quantum Physics