Quantum Gravity and String Theory

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Gravity Most Related to the Proton Mass, Charge Most Related to the Electron Mass

Authors: Michael John Sarnowski
Comments: 15 Pages.

Originally. I had worked on an equation for charge and gravity. I had found that charge was mostly related to the electron mass, I since found out that gravity is most related to the proton mass. The realization came when I was working on “The Answer to the Universe, the Life and Everything is Still 42” I had an extra term for the mass ratio of the proton to the neutron. To get rid of that term, I came to the realization that Gravity was related to the mass ratio of the proton to the neutron. This paper is then an up dated version of “The Aether Found, Discrete Calculations of Charge and Gravity with Planck Spinning Spheres and Kaluza Spinning Spheres”, which are the previous versions of this update. This paper shows that the force of charge and gravity can be modeled from a sphere, indicating granulated granular spacetime. Planck Spinning Spheres, (Planck) packed in a cuboctahedron structure, where many spheres are combined to produce the fabric of space. The Planck would be made of smaller Spheres called Kaluza Spinning Spheres (Kaluza). See images below for an example of a sphere made of spheres.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

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The E- and B-Modes in the CMB

Authors: Sylwester Kornowski
Comments: 5 Pages.

Here, on base of the lacking part of ultimate theory, i.e. the Scale-Symmetric Theory, we described the production of the E- and B-modes in the CMB. The obtained result 0.22 for the ratio of amplitudes of the B-modes to E-modes (i.e. the tensor-to-scalar ratio) for the beginning of expansion of the very early Universe, for multipole moment equal to 384, is close to the central value in the BICEP2 data. The tensor-to-scalar ratio depends on density of the Einstein-spacetime and is higher for higher densities. The calculated energies carried by the Einstein-spacetime components the spreading condensates were built of (such condensates produced the B-modes in the CMB), were in approximation the sixteen powers of ten of GeV.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

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Living in the Shadows of the Sun: Realities, Perils and Escapades, Man, Planet and the Kardashev Scale Making the Great Transition.

Authors: Michael Muteru
Comments: 09 Pages.

With the current global human population surpassing the 7 billon mark, energy requirements exponentially rise (shift) with demographics. Living in a planetary system of finite natural resources the Biosphere in turn overstretched. Humanity has to think outside the box to satisfy / quench this first for energy within our technology means. I herein apply the notion of harnessing the energy of the sun (star using green Biomass as the only efficient means that not only ‘cleans’ our planet of a biotic factors upsetting the planet’s climate, but provide sustainable energy to power the rising population while also promoting biodiversity but providing all life forms on planet suitable Biomes for we all need one another for successful co-existence. The reader of this work is left with the meditative task of answering on where we lie on the cosmic energy scale (Kardashev scale) our obligations, where we should be. The leader should derive methods which he/she can personal apply in life making the best out of the scenarios within, with the ultimate goal making the planet for all life (not only humans) with one foot on earth and the other in the heavens(Cosmos) we set forth.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

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The Minimal Length Stringy Uncertainty Relations Follow from Clifford Space Relativity

Authors: Carlos Castro
Comments: 14 Pages. Submitted to Physics Letters B

We improve our earlier work in [14] and derive the minimal length string/membrane uncertainty relations by imposing momentum slices in flat Clifford spaces. The Jacobi identities associated with the modified Weyl-Heisenberg algebra require noncommuting spacetime coordinates, but commuting momenta, and which is compatible with the notion of curved momentum space. Clifford Phase Space Relativity requires the introduction of a maximal scale which can be identified with the Hubble scale and is a consequence of Born's Reciprocal Relativity Principle.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[8] viXra:1403.0292 [pdf] replaced on 2014-03-18 08:24:35

Echoes of the Big Bang

Authors: Rodney Bartlett
Comments: Replaced because I left out about 5 pages that try to answer questions.

What do you think of today's attention to so-called echoes of the big bang (imprints of gravitational waves from the time of the big bang that have left their trace in the cosmic microwave background)? It's obviously an amazing discovery but my fear is that it's going to be used more for alleged confirmation of present theories than for investigation of the questions it raises (especially in the short term). A starting point for these questions is, "If the universe expanded to about the size of a football in 10^-36 second, what was outside the football?" Many people will say this is an invalid question because no space or time existed outside the football. But I think that's mere evasion of the question (understandable if there are no other ideas to fall back on). There's a simple alternative which says there was space and time outside the football, and this alternative is supported by the modern idea of a multiverse. I'll take a lazy approach to the last sentence and copy/paste relevant sections from a couple of my recent vixra articles - "Defining Division by Zero (Making it not Just Possible, But Essential) and Relating Zero to Infinity" (http://vixra.org/abs/1402.0087) and "Connecting Bioscience, Atoms, Gravitation, Black Holes, and Strings” (http://vixra.org/abs/1403.0149). I heard a short talk with Dr. Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist at Arizona State University in the US (http://www.abc.net.au/newsradio/content/s3965819.htm), whose comments about gravity being a quantum theory and the universe originating from “absolutely nothing” are addressed by my articles. If the binary digits of 1 and 0 are the basis for manufacturing space-time (whose curves and warps are gravity), this is in firm agreement with gravity being a quantum theory. And electronic bits could easily avoid Dr. Krauss’s “supernatural shenanigans” by being a product of human technology – we know this much to be true – that is recycled to 13.8 billion years ago by our future discovery of how to time travel into the past (a hypothesis explaining this is presented). It seems unfortunate that no science journal is interested in my ideas (maybe it’s the way I write?) because I’m certain I’m correct, even if my ideas sound too strange to be true. I don’t think I’ll bother sending these thoughts to Dr. Krauss (professional scientists don’t answer my emails) – but I just might, if I get impulsive.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[7] viXra:1403.0218 [pdf] submitted on 2014-03-14 12:26:59

Discrete Modeling of the Universe

Authors: Nikolay Samofatov
Comments: 3 Pages.

In this article we examine mathematical properties of discrete universe models in their most general form and propose a special technique (universe self-programming with recursive self-virtualization) which can be used to guide evolution within the model.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[6] viXra:1403.0183 [pdf] replaced on 2014-03-24 16:43:40

Theory of Gravity "ENERGY-WAVE": the Origin

Authors: Rodolfo Sergio González Castro
Comments: 12 Pages. hal.archives-ouvertes.fr:hal-00947254

In this paper I derive an equation relating the gravitational acceleration with the gravitational wavelength corresponding to the “gravitational energy” density at a point in space and with the speed of light, without using the gravitational constant of Newton (G), derive an equation of the Energy-Momentum of Einstein suppressing this constant, and further I set the foundations for new theory of gravity “Energy-Wave”.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

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The Collapse of the Event Horizon in the de Sitter Universe

Authors: Vitaly Kuyukov Petrovich
Comments: 4 Pages.

In this article reviews the evolution of the future of the Universe with a cosmological constant. When restricting the event horizon of the Universe, there exists a nonzero temperature of the Hawking. This effect leads to the reduction of the cosmological event horizon after a stage of expansion of the Universe with constant density of dark energy. Time compression in this Universe is determined only cosmological constant.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[4] viXra:1403.0068 [pdf] submitted on 2014-03-10 08:20:29

Theorem of Quantum Gravity

Authors: Richard S. Morse
Comments: 18 Pages.

Lines of Particle Transport (LOPT) are proposed as the means by which energy is transferred between objects. Particles of energy move through connected Lines of Particles (LOP) of various energy states (or perceived energy states) with more open particle patterns (low frequency of particle generation) allowing higher energy compressed particles (high frequency of particle generation) to transfer through their respective interconnected LOP, thus forming Lines of Particle Transport (LOPT). This allows the lower energy object to receive energy and thereby increase the object’s energy level until both objects are of the same energy level or state. When both objects are of the same energy level, they have identical particle patterns, and at that point transfer stabilizes along the interconnected LOPT. The proposed LOPT theory is supported by current observation and resolves the conundrum of the duality of light by eliminating the issue of wave interference, therefore eliminating support for wave theory. The constancy of the speed of light is resolved through LOPT regardless of the speed of the source relative to the observer. This solution opens areas for revised thinking on a number of energy transfer and force issues and thus places particle movement and LOPT theory in a position to solve and resolve numerous physics issues, leading to a quantum explanation for gravity.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[3] viXra:1403.0052 [pdf] submitted on 2014-03-08 01:53:57

The zeros of Riemann's Function And Its Fundamental Role In Quantum Mechanics

Authors: A.Garcés Doz
Comments: 35 Pages.

This paper presents a proof of the fundamental connection between the zeros of the Riemann function and quantum mechanics. Two results that unify gravity and electromagnetism, by exact calculation, both the elementary electric charge and mass of the electron. These two results depend directly on the sum of the imaginary parts of the zeros of the Riemann function, exactly following the Hilbert-Polya conjecture. This summatory, is the exponential sums of all the negative values ​​of the imaginary part of all zeros of the Riemann function.The main consequences are: scales of the Planck length gravity becomes repulsive, through the interaction of the gravitinos. Special relativity is a special case of a generalization, in which the geometry of a wormhole (hyperbolic geometry) implies that the energy of the tachyon states is zero, only if the velocity at the outer surface of the wormhole is infinite, or what is the same: an observer at rest can not distinguish an infinite speed of zero velocity, both are equivalent. There is not mere speculation; since only under this assumption the mass of the electron as a function of the non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function is calculated. Time ceases to exist, takes the value zero. These wormholes would explain the quantum entanglement, as well as resolve the paradox of information loss in black holes. Fundamental constants used in this calculation are: elementary charge, gravitational Newton constant, Planck mass, mass of the electron, and fine structure constant for zero momentum.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

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Why a Minimal Length Follows from the Extended Relativity Principle in Clifford Spaces

Authors: Carlos Castro
Comments: 16 Pages. Submitted to Modern Physics Letters A

Recently, novel physical consequences of the Extended Relativity Theory in $C$-spaces (Clifford spaces) were explored and which provided a very different physical explanation of the phenomenon of ``relativity of locality" than the one described by the Doubly Special Relativity (DSR) framework. An elegant $nonlinear$ momentum-addition law was derived that tackled the ``soccer-ball'' problem in DSR. Generalized photon dispersion relations allowed also for energy-dependent speeds of propagation while still $retaining$ the Lorentz symmetry in ordinary spacetimes, but breaking the $extended$ Lorentz symmetry in $C$-spaces. This does $not$ occur in DSR nor in other approaches, like the presence of quantum spacetime foam. In this work we show why a $minimal$ length (say the Planck scale) follows naturally from the Extended Relativity principle in Clifford Spaces. Our argument relies entirely on the Physics behind the extended notion of Lorentz transformations in $ C$-space, and $does ~not$ invoke quantum gravity arguments, nor quantum group deformations of Lorentz/Poincare algebras, nor other prior arguments displayed in the Physics literature. The Extended Relativity Theory in Clifford $Phase$ Spaces requires also the introduction of a $maximal$ scale which can be identified with the Hubble scale. It is found also that $ C$-space physics favors a choice of signature $ ( -, +, +, .... , + ) $.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

[1] viXra:1403.0034 [pdf] submitted on 2014-03-05 21:05:47

On the Causal Structure of the Universe

Authors: Blazej Kot
Comments: 10 Pages. Previously published in Prespacetime Journal, January 2014, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp. 8-18

I suggest we treat causality, not matter, as the fundamental constituent of reality. I introduce a unit of causality named toma and outline how the resulting framework leads naturally to general relativity, quantum electrodynamics and quantum chromodynamics. This novel framework is the first to show how to derive GR, QED and QCD from first principles and as such holds promise for being a Grand Unified Theory.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory