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[1] viXra:1609.0390 [pdf] submitted on 2016-09-27 09:47:13

A Surgical Simulator for Training Surgeons in a Few Tasks Related to Minimally Invasive Surgery

Authors: Kirana Kumara P
Comments: 8 Pages. This is the complete specification for the application filed for Indian patent (the patent application filed on September 17, 2016; application number: 201641031739).

The present invention relates to a surgical simulator that may be used to train surgeons for minimally invasive surgery. The simulator makes use of the Boundary Element Method together with a simulation approach that was proposed in an academic paper authored by this inventor. Moreover, the simulator makes use of the boundary element codes developed by this inventor. The simulator consists of a computer screen, a keyboard, a mouse, a haptic device, and a multicore CPU. The simulator would include the geometry of representative human kidney and human liver. The simulator has provisions for moving and changing the orientation of the liver and the kidney, and detecting the collision between the liver or the kidney and the mouse pointer. The simulator also has provisions for interactively displaying the deformed shape of the liver or the kidney, depending on the position of the mouse pointer (mouse cursor (pointer) represents the tip of surgical tools). The simulator can be used to train surgeons in the following tasks: eye-hand coordination, manipulating 3D objects while deformation of the objects is observed on 2D screens.
Category: Quantitative Biology