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[1] viXra:1311.0105 [pdf] submitted on 2013-11-15 12:11:45

On the Evolution of the Tree Form with the Fractal Parameter

Authors: Valerii V. Galitskii
Comments: 13 pages. Russian. Materials of the Third National scientific conference Mathematical modelling in ecology, October, 21-25st, 2013, Pushchino, Russia

Modeling peculiarities of evolution of the tree's branches system on allometric (fractal) parameter µ which connects a green biomass of a tree with its height, are considered, basing on the sectional model of a branches system presented earlier. It is shown that the initial stage of the (endo)symbiotic growth of the first dot "plants" (µ<1) must be characterized by a group placement of photosynthesizing points and growth of µ with the increasing the number of points in group, i.e. with increasing the efficiency of the use of light. Value µ not depends on type of a groups' allocation, but depends on a kind of the points' distribution in group. Thus, in an early ontogenesis of such "protoplants" there should be a stage of gradual growth μ from 0 which may be manifested in the form (usually observable) initial slowdown of growth and in the recapitulation phenomenon. Key words: sectional model of system of tree's branches; green biomass vs. height; fractal parameter; group dot pattern at line segment; endosymbiose of cyanobacteria and protists; origin of "protoplant"; initial slowdown of growth; recapitulation;
Category: Quantitative Biology