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The Dynamics of Action Potential: the Bioelectromagnetized Interaction Created by Cell Biology (I)

Authors: HaiYing Shen
Comments: 16 Pages.

The bioelectric excitation of action potential is the essential character of the living state of eukaryotic organisms, and it is the principal groundwork of physiology. The science and technology are advancing with the progress of the times, however, the principle on action potential remain stalled at the apparent cognition of last century due to the restriction of that era. Based on the highly developed molecular cell biology researches, this work brings insight into the endogenous mechanism of action potential, detects the every detail of this dynamic system: the physical and chemical attributes of each participant and the prerequisites of layout; and especially, focuses on the intrinsic relation and interaction in it. It gives the bran-new presentation on action potential mechanism and its physical and chemical regulation, and importantly, investigates the in-depth insight on the principle of dynamic homeostasis performed by action potential. The optimal way to operate action potential dynamic system is in the way of electromagnetic interaction: the action potential is the electric current formed by the motion of mobile charged ions, and the electromagnetic field that drives the motion of electric charges is the interaction between the gridding ground substance meshwork of cell and the mobile ions. Since the description of Maxwell's electromagnetic equations, it is first time that clearly illustrates the practical model for understanding the operation of the interaction between magnetism and electricity. It is the bioelectromagnetic mechanism created by the nature that highlights the prospect of practicable technology on the development of bioenergy resource.
Category: Physics of Biology

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The Concept on Cell Electrophysiology (I)

Authors: HaiYing Shen
Comments: 3 Pages.

This paper is the satellite letter of The Eukaryotic Mechanism Directed by Bioelectricity: Creation and Enlightenment (I)
Category: Physics of Biology

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The Eukaryotic Mechanism Directed by Bioelectricity: Creation and Enlightenment (I)

Authors: HaiYing Shen
Comments: 24 Pages.

The electricity and electromagnetic field are the intrinsic property of the nature and universe, and the life created by the nature. The eukaryotic cells, rather than prokaryotic cells, perform the complicated and highly developed function of the organisms. On eukaryotic mechanism, two vital issues are urgent to update: (i) whether or not the bioelectric excitation operates in the interior of eukaryotic cells and how it operates the activity of eukaryotic cells; and (ii) how the organelles are managed into the coordinated and united work, and from where the potent dynamic energy that support the activity of organelles generates. The eukaryotic cells are prior to prokaryotic cells with highly developed membrane-bound organelles. What this work focuses on is not only the complicated membrane system of eukaryotic cells, but with the bran-new insight: as an engineer, given the materials and the layout of eukaryotic membrane system, what does it imply? — This work discovers the intrinsic principle and mechanism on eukaryotic working directed by bioelectricity and bioelectromagnetic field, from materials and layout, to flowchart, presenting the perfect and ingenious design art of the nature on the creation of bioorganic electricity and eukaryotic working, which endows human being the precious enlightenment on the generation and utilization of bioorganic electricity.
Category: Physics of Biology

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Action Potential, Bioenergy Resource, and the Principle of Perpetual Natural Electromagnetic Dynamics: the Living Essence and Eternal Elegant-Beauty— from Biology to the Universe (I)

Authors: HaiYing Shen
Comments: 29 Pages.

The perpetual operation of energy in vigorous state, instead of standstill (heat death), is the essential vitality of biology and the universe, what principle of nature operates it? The perpetual refers to the state-in-operation of power system in dynamic homeostasis founded on ground energy, instead of the confusion without energy resource or energy dissipated. To pursue the perpetual dynamic power and energy creation is the summit realm of practical technology. However, it has long been disregarded theoretically and practically. This work starts from the highly developed biological studies, and by utilizing the intrinsic principle refined, explores the intrinsic principle, operating mechanism and energy creation of perpetual electromagnetic dynamic power from biology to the nature in macroscale and microscale. The electromagnetic perpetual motion generates from the relativity of field (thermal field, electromagnetic field and gravitation field) as the ground energy to operate energy conversion of thermodynamics, electromagnetic dynamics and fluid dynamics. It creates the potent energy of electricity and electromagnetic dynamic power. This work historically discovers a new milestone on the generating principle and operating mechanism of perpetual electromagnetic dynamic power and energy creation in biology and the nature. The strict and unified principle dominates the vigorous living state from the biology to the Earth’s geological and meteorological phenomena and celestial motions, not obfuscated but clarified, not disordered but in supreme harmony and homeostasis. And it is first time that clearly presents the applicable molecular biochemical model for the digitalized perpetual operation of bioelectricity and bioenergy resource, and provides the practicable reference on the development of harmless fine-energy power, with the purpose learning from and emulating the nature.
Category: Physics of Biology

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Laminine: Inducing the Localized Electromagnetic Spinning – a Field Gyroscope. Possible Positive Consequences.

Authors: Mark Krinker, Galina Pana
Comments: 7 Pages.

The paper deals with the revealed localized electromagnetic spinning in vicinity of Laminine capsules, what can contribute into biological activity of this dietary supplement. This also can be employed for the further improvement of the product.
Category: Physics of Biology