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On Evolution - A Different Perspective

Authors: Padmanabhan Murali
Comments: 9 Pages.

Observations of recurrent evolutions have been noted for long suggesting that evolution prefers certain pathways. At the phenotype and genotype level it appears that evolution tends to arrive at certain solutions that suit environmental conditions present. Further, adaptive Laboratory Evolution studies on single celled organisms show that evolution is consistent and predictable when organisms are subjected to the same environmental Input. This paper presents a case from a different perspective and takes these observations as the starting point to propose a theory that Evolution on the whole is predictable. Only certain organisms are defined to exist as solutions in evolution space and only certain change pathways are possible and evolution necessarily proceeds along them. Presence of many regulatory networks in the organism is common knowledge supplemented by emerging understanding of Gene Regulatory Networks. Networks exist that control an organism right from birth, development, sustenance and survival. Extending this further, hidden regulatory networks are proposed to exist that activate and control organism change (speciation) as a response to environmental change. Evidence (possible cases) for such networks are proposed from literature. A key implication of this hypothesis is it eliminates the need of natural selection as a role player in Evolution. Instead the hidden networks proposed control Speciation. It proposes that beneficial mutations are the result of action of these hidden networks to initiate phenotype change (speciation).
Category: Physics of Biology