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Crossing the Psycho-Physical Bridge: Elucidating the Objective Character of Experience

Authors: Richard L Amoroso
Comments: 16 Pages. Psychophysical bridging, Mind-body, Cartesian dualism, Unified field

Recalling Thomas Nagel’s discussion concerning the difficulties associated with developing a scientific explanation for the nature of experience, Nagel states that current reductionist attempts fail by filtering out any basis for consciousness and thus become meaningless since they are logically compatible with its absence. In this article we call into question the fundamental philosophy of the mind-brain identity hypothesis of Cognitive Theory: ‘What processes in the brain give rise to awareness?’ and the associated search for ‘neural correlates of consciousness’ (NCC). The proper scientific manner of posing the query should simply be ‘What processes give rise to awareness?’. We begin to formalize the Eccles psychon and summarize one of fourteen empirical protocols to test this putative model. This requires the new science of Unified Field, UF Mechanics, entailing in terms of our current stage of development operationally completed forms of quantum theory, gravitation and cosmology arising from a unique derivation of the M-Theory (string theoretic) vacuum. Until now the quest for psychophysical bridging has typically been in the arena between brain and quantum geometry; and many have wondered if contemporary science is sufficient for the task. Nagel further asks ‘what would be left if one removed the viewpoint of the subjective observer’ and then suggests ‘that the remaining properties would be the physical processes themselves or states intrinsic to the experience of awareness’. We examine a new theoretical framework for introducing the underlying physical cosmology of these noetic parameters.
Category: Physics of Biology

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New Physics Suggests DARWIN’S Origin of Species is Incomplete, and that Godlike Humanity Will Emerge

Authors: Rodney Bartlett
Comments: 9 Pages. Shortened and revised for entry into the 2014 contest at

The world is at a crossroad today. There is so much we have no understanding of – dark energy, the hypothetical form of energy that permeates all of space and tends to accelerate the expansion of the universe, is perhaps the best known example. If humanity is going to steer the future, we need to remove ourselves from the darkness we’re immersed in and discover the light. I believe this light will reveal what dark energy is, where it comes from, and how it originated. Further, the light could give us a new perspective on where WE came from, how the human race was born, and the role of present humankind in the grand scheme of not only our own, but the universe’s, origin and destiny. The basic outline for a different perspective on the Theory of Evolution has been described in this article. When contemplating the theory of evolution, people assume evolution belongs exclusively to the biological sciences. I maintain complete comprehension also requires physics. Without a conviction that time travel is possible, I’d have to totally agree with the evolutionary concepts Darwin proposed. But since I have no doubt that time doesn’t exclusively operate in a straight line (my reasons are explained below), I can propose a different origin of species – though all the species subsequently undergo adaptations throughout the centuries. In 1870, Wallace (one of Darwin’s major “disciples” and the man who is often reported to have independently reached the same conclusions about evolution that Darwin did) suddenly converted to spiritualism. “Darwin’s Armada” (26) states – “Wallace surmised … that man must have been programmed for civilisation by some higher intelligence.” (27) Assuming Wallace’s “higher intelligence” happens because, as this article puts it near the end, “eternal God and humanity of the far future are not separate in any sense but are the same thing”, I wonder what Wallace (as well as Darwin and his other disciples) would think of this article if they were on Earth today. This article consists of 3 parts - NON-DARWINIAN ORIGINS OUTLINED, CONVERTING FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION INTO COSMOLOGY AND SCIENCE, and SPECULATIONS CONCERNING FUTURE HUMAN EVOLUTION (the speculation is backed up with science and references).
Category: Physics of Biology