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[2] viXra:1208.0164 [pdf] submitted on 2012-08-19 05:05:45

Quantum Model for the Direct Currents of Becker

Authors: Matti Pitkanen
Comments: 25 Pages.

Robert Becker proposed on basis of his experimental work that living matter behaves as a semiconductor in a wide range of length scales ranging from brain scale to the scale of entire body. Direct currents flowing only in preferred direction would be essential for the functioning of living manner in this framework. One of the basic ideas of TGD inspired theory of living matter is that various currents, even ionic currents, are quantal currents. The first possibility is that they are Josephson currents associated with Josephson junctions but already this assumption more or less implies also quantal versions of direct currents. TGD inspired model for nerve pulse assumed that ionic currents through the cell membrane are probably Josephson currents. If this is the case, the situation is automatically stationary and dissipation is small as various anomalies suggest. One can criticize this assumption since the Compton length of ions for the ordinary value of Planck constant is so small that magnetic flux tubes carrying the current through the membrane look rather long in this length scale. Therefore either Planck constant should be rather large or one should have a non-ohmic quantum counterpart of a direct current in the case of ions and perhaps also protons in the case of neuronal membrane: electronic and perhaps also protonic currents could be still Josephson currents. This would conform with the low dissipation rate. In the following the results related to laser induced healing, acupuncture, and DC currents are discussed first. The obvious question is whether these direct currents are actually currents and whether they could be universal in living matter. A TGD inspired model for quantal direct currents is proposed and its possible implications for the model of nerve pulse are discussed.
Category: Physics of Biology

[1] viXra:1208.0163 [pdf] submitted on 2012-08-19 05:02:18

How to Build a Quantum Computer from Magnetic Flux Tubes?

Authors: Matti Pitkanen
Comments: 6 Pages.

Magnetic flux tubes play a key role in TGD inspired model of quantum biology. Could the networks of magnetic flux tubes containing dark particles with large \hbar in macroscopic quantum states and carrying beams of dark photons define analogs of electric circuits? This would be rather cheap technology since no metal would be needed for wires. Dark photon beams would propagate along the flux tubes representing the analogs of optical cables and make possible communications with maximal signal velocity. I have actually made much more radical proposal in TGD inspired quantum biology. According to this proposal, flux tube connections are dynamical and can be changed by reconnection of two magnetic flux tubes. The signal pathways A→ C and B→ D would be transformed to signal pathways to A→ D and B→ C by reconnection. Reconnection actually represents a basic stringy vertex. The contraction of magnetic flux tubes by a phase transition changing Planck constant could be fundamental in bio-catalysis since it would allow distant molecules connected by flux tubes to find each other in the molecular crowd. DNA as a topological quantum computer is the idea that I have been developing for 5 years or so. I have concentrated on the new physics realization of braids and devoted not much thought to how the quantum computer problems might run in this framework. I was surprised to realize how little I know about what happens in even ordinary computation. Instead of going immediately to Wikipedia I take the risk of publicly making myself fool and try to use my own brain.
Category: Physics of Biology