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Transmission of DNA Genetic Information into Water by means of Electromagnetic Fields of Extremely-low Frequencies

Authors: Fran De Aquino
Comments: 6 Pages.

Recently it was experimentally shown that the DNA genetic information can be transmitted into water when the DNA and the water are subjected jointly to an electromagnetic field with 7Hz frequency. As announced, the reported phenomenon could allow developing highly sensitive detection systems for chronic bacterial and viral infections. Here, it is shown a possible explanation for the phenomenon based on the recent framework of Quantum Gravity. It is shown that, if volume of water with a DNA molecule is placed near another volume of pure water, and the gravitational masses of the two water volumes are simultaneously reduced to values in the range + 0.159mi0 to  0.159mi0, by means of electromagnetic fields of extremely-low frequency (ELF), then the DNA genetic information are transmitted to pure water, imprinting onto it the structure of the DNA molecule. After several hours, as final result, a replication of the DNA can arise in the pure water.
Category: Physics of Biology

[1] viXra:1202.0017 [pdf] submitted on 2012-02-07 13:51:08

Bioelectromagnetic Phenomena Are Affected by Aggregates of Many Radio-Frequency Photons

Authors: Michael Peleg
Comments: 12 Pages. This is the full paper version of the presentation at the International Conference on Enviromental Indicators (ISEI 2011), 11 to 14 Sept. 2011 in Haifa , Israel

This paper addresses the argument stating that since the energy of a single Radio Frequency (RF) photon is extremely small it cannot influence matter significantly and therefore RF radiation cannot cause cancer. The argument is shown to be wrong since most known phenomena and uses of RF radiation involve many photons acting in unison. For example, in a particle accelerator, a multitude of RF photons act simultaneously on a single elementary charged particle. We show that his holds for particle physics, capacitors, fluorescent tubes, radio communications, RADAR and living tissues. These phenomena are best treated in most cases by considering RF radiation as a wave phenomenon. On the other hand the possibility of a single RF photon per molecule producing a biological effect also cannot be ruled out.
Category: Physics of Biology