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[3] viXra:1112.0057 [pdf] submitted on 2011-12-19 14:12:51

Surmounting the Cartesian Cut: Klein Bottle Logophysics, the Dirac Algebra and the Genetic Code

Authors: Diego Lucio Rapoport
Comments: 22 Pages.

We reintroduce the Klein Bottle (KB) logophysics at the foundations of the unification of quantum geometry, cell biology, embryology and evolution, to extend it to the genetic code and allosteric recognition. We find that the genetic code has three possible fractal topologies: two different families of KBs embedded in HyperKBs, or still a 2-torus, depending which pair of three subalphabets for the genetic “letters” is chosen; this does not require the double helix. We complete the genetic codification of embryological differentiation introduced in an accompanying article. We discuss the Hadamard-KB representation of this codification and discuss its robustness and that of embryological development with respect to environmental noise. We discuss this KB codification of the 64 codons with its isomorphic representation in terms of the Dirac Algebra (DA) of Quantum Mechanics, in the Nilpotent Universal Computational Rewrite System (NUCRS), a self-referential syntax that generates much of mathematics and the fundamental symmetries of physics. We show that the double helix can be obtained from the duplication of the KB associated with the bistable perception of the tetrahedron representation of the four genetic letters. The DA and its double tetrahedron codification in NUCRS is found to be associated with a pair of superposed KBs, yielding the double 3D (space and momentum) space of physics, and the double helix of DNA, which thus appears related to a pair of KBs, being the case that only one is necessary to construct the genome. We show that the depth-time variable of visual perception materializes as space Thus, the DA is derivable from two KBs, and the purported dualism of physics as presented in NUCRS, is rendered to be based in the non-dualistic KBL. We discuss the relations with a theory of evolutions, and between biological periodicities and the KB of the Mendeleev table (Boeyens). We present relations between metacognition and the HyperKlein Bottle, and evolution in terms of time waves defining in toto the different structures. We present rudiments of the ontoepistemology of the Hyper KB Logic, its relations with the anthropic principles and the universal physical constants, which are found to be contextual.
Category: Physics of Biology

[2] viXra:1112.0056 [pdf] submitted on 2011-12-19 14:15:38

On the Fusion of Physics and Klein Bottle Logic in Biology, Embryogenesis and Evolution

Authors: Diego Lucio Rapoport
Comments: 20 Pages.

We introduce a new paradigm for embryological differentiation with its relations to the genome and evolution, in terms of the fusion of logic and physics: logophysics (LGP), associated to the ontology and epistemology of the Klein Bottle (KB). We introduce LGP through the subversion of the fixed dualistic categories of exterior and interior, basis for much of science, in terms of the eversion: turning inside-out of the two dimensional elastic sphere (ovum), which is the actual case. We propose bauplans unfolding from a 6d space in which time waves manifest through torsion fields in real space and in which the eversion is mediated by KBs. We present the torsion geometry, quantum and elastodynamical, of self-referential biology. We apply this to the problem of the physics of embryological differentiation in terms of quantum torsion-elastodynamics waves and the light tensegrity of the cell. We associate it with a topological transformation which extends the proposal by Maxwell and Poynting, founders of electromagnetics, for the interaction of the inanimate and animate worlds. We present a new conception of the world in terms of time waves and the KB, that appears in the natural number system, in cosmology, in vision recognition, in the topographic map of the sensorium, in the periodic table of elements, the genome, etc. We surmount the ancient problem of what life is, providing a LGP basis for both the inanimate and animate realms.
Category: Physics of Biology

[1] viXra:1112.0032 [pdf] replaced on 2012-05-06 12:09:15

A Thermodynamic Perspective on the Interaction of Radio Frequency Radiation with Living Tissue

Authors: Michael Peleg
Comments: 9 Pages. A peer reviewed and revised version was published on April 2012 in the International Journal of Biophysics, it is available in the following link:

The existence of biological effects of radio frequency (RF) radiation on living tissue is well established, including also effects which are not caused by plain warming. Still the exact mechanisms of interaction between the RF radiation and the living tissue are mostly unknown. In this work a thermodynamic perspective relevant to some aspects of those yet unknown mechanisms is presented. This perspective reveals that living tissue under RF radiation should not be assumed to be in thermal equilibrium since it is governed by two temperatures: The ambient temperature of its surroundings and a vastly higher temperature TR which is assigned by certain criteria to the RF radiation. The criteria presented here to determine the radiation temperature TR are not unique and other approaches may lead to different temperature values, however TR as presented here has an interesting physical significance. The possible relevance of this approach to the interaction mechanisms is presented.
Category: Physics of Biology