Physics of Biology

0911 Submissions

[3] viXra:0911.0052 [pdf] submitted on 18 Nov 2009

Section 12: Man's Role in Nature

Authors: John A. Gowan
Comments: 4 pages, This paper has also been published as a Google "Knol".

Man's role in nature seems to divide naturally in two parts: 1) the dispersal of Earth-Life into the galaxy; 2) the enhancement and development of the self-awareness and creativity of the Cosmos. Humanity is, in the first instance, the practical, scientific tool of Gaia, or Mother Earth, evolved as her reproductive agent; and in the second instance, humanity is the perceptual or intelectual tool of the Cosmos, evolved to carry the intelligence and self-awareness of the Cosmos, the agent by which the Cosmos explores, understands, and appreciates itself, including exploring new modes of creativity. Our native spiritual awareness appears to be our intuitive recognition of this cosmic connection. The first role is Earth-oriented, manifesting socially as Science; the second role is Universe-oriented, manifesting socially as Art and Religion, in all their forms. It should be obvious that the first role is in no way intrinsically at odds with the second.
Category: Physics of Biology

[2] viXra:0911.0047 [pdf] submitted on 16 Nov 2009

Section 8: General Systems, Complex Systems

Authors: John A. Gowan
Comments: 9 pages, This paper has also been published as a Google "Knol".

General Systems, as I use the term, denotes a repeating pattern of natural organization - a fractal algorithm or ordering principle in the Cosmos. While not enforced with the same stringency as a natural law (such as energy conservation), the pattern-forming impulse is nevertheless all-pervasive in nature and seems to proceed from such fundamental principles as resonance and the pathway of least energy or least resistance. It is just simpler, more efficient, and takes less energy to create a universe using self-similar repeating patterns than following any other plan. The "Tetrahedron Model" of cosmic order presents a General System based on a 4x3 universal fractal algorithm.
Category: Physics of Biology

[1] viXra:0911.0026 [pdf] replaced on 2014-10-18 10:17:49

Darwin, Newton, and the Abundance of Life in the Universe

Authors: John A. Gowan
Comments: 4 Pages. adding French translation link

Two giants of British science, Newton and Darwin, developed theories of negentropic force in physics and biology. The two scientists are adjacently interred in Westminster Abby, and their theories of gravity and evolution likewise share common ground and a fractal resonance with DNA. Because DNA/RNA is both a replicating molecule and part of the universal 4x3 fractal pattern, the implications for the abundance of life in the Cosmos are enormous.
Category: Physics of Biology