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Shrt,simple But Profoundly Deep Proof on Riemann Hypothesis Has to be True Using Principles of Invariancy Underlying Analytic Continuation of Riemann Zeta Function.

Authors: Pankaj Mani
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Abstract : Short,Simple but Deep meaning behind the proof. No use of Contradiction method .Riemann Hypothesis has to be definitely TRUE using the Physical Invariance Principles underlying the Foundations of Analytic Continuation Proof of Riemann Hypothesis. It will lead to to the future research that Mathematics as a System has its own physical principles lying at the foundation and how compatible it is with Physics ! The established concepts here in my work here will reveal entirely a new aspect about the entire physical envelope of mathematics itself , hence raising a revolutionary question in the minds of all of us that how far mathematics is truly capable of representing/describing different physical phenomenon/scenarios. This paper will change the fundamental way mathematicians have been looking at mathematics so far in history and its extremely mysterious relationship with physics and thus clarify that why it resisted the elementary methods of mathematics in past . By Pankaj Mani,CQF,FRM (,New Delhi,India
Category: Number Theory