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1912 Submissions

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A Case that Had Been Diagnosed as Having a Nasal Odor and Fearing Self-Odor

Authors: Toshiro Takami
Comments: 14 Pages.

An example in which a patient was referred to a psychiatric referral by the Otolaryngologist for a fear of self-odor due to a nasal smell is shown below. The case actually had a strong nasal smell. Otorhinolaryngology has ruled out malodorous diseases such as atrophic rhinitis. と If you look over the Internet, many people suffer from similar illness. Almost all complain of an abnormally dry nose. Staphylococcus aureus grows abnormally in the devastated nasal nasal mucosa, and in the warm season, Pseudomonas aeruginosa abnormally grows in the nasopharynx. It was not possible, and it was considered that he had a strong nasal smell. It was also considered that Staphylococcus lugdunensis, which produces a substance that prevents the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, was not present. However, it is thought that Pseudomonas aeruginosa abnormally grows in the warm season because blue mucus comes out when you wake up in the morning and spit in the washroom. Although the frequency of this disease is high, it has been diagnosed as a fear of self-odor by neglect or psychiatry. Named nasal secretion deficiency syndrome. This is a new concept of nose disease. There was no crusting and atrophy of the proper nasal cavity, and only nasal mucosa was found to be degraded by an endoscope.Because it was hidden by a veil of atrophic rhinitis and odorous nose, it was not noticed or noticed. Not considered a serious illness. Many people say that it gets worse during the cold and dry season. However, a small crust is formed near the posterior part of the middle turbinate, and it is also conceivable that the odor is giving off the odor. It can be said that all women at least have self-odor fear.
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About Persistent Depressive Disorder for 16 Years After Remission by Fishing

Authors: Toshiro Takami
Comments: 6 Pages.

I experienced a depressive disorder for 16 years that has dramatically remissioned by fishing. The patient has received various treatments such as drug therapy and electric shock therapy for 16 years, but none has been effective. It was thought that uniting with nature without a heart led to remission of persistent depressive disorder. If you are enthusiastic about fishing, the annoyance of social life becomes trivial and you tend not to worry. This was thought to have greatly reduced the stress of the cases. It was thought that the modern life that departed from nature caused frequent mental disorders such as depressive disorder. It was thought that the “Ki” of the sea ameliorated the persistent depressive disorder.
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