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[2] viXra:1308.0046 [pdf] submitted on 2013-08-09 11:18:43

A Toy Model of Consciousness and the Connectome, First Approximation, Second Part

Authors: Stan Bumble
Comments: 6 Pages.

The paper vixra:1305.0128 is continued to consider a toy model of a neural network. The Ability Potential of this network to reach levels of consciousness is defined and produced for different levels of connectedness and interaction energy of the "neurons". The approach is used to approximate and anticipate some of the results that may occur in the much more complex human connectome project.
Category: Mind Science

[1] viXra:1308.0028 [pdf] replaced on 2013-08-06 08:17:21

Explanation of the "Days of Violence" (And the Calls for Violence) Via a Conflict Between Modern Democracy and the Intellectual Overstress

Authors: Emanuel Gluskin
Comments: 12 Pages. This manuscript expresses a concern regarding the impossibility for simple people of reducing the intellectual overstress imposed on them by the modern society.

Objective: To analyze the causes for the "days of violence" in the borders of the hypothesis that the cruelty of masses can appear as necessity in simplification of a complicated psychological situation caused by improper informational feeding. On the biological side, this is a problem of unbalanced asymmetric development of the brain hemispheres, that is, cruelty prevents further development of the right hemisphere responsible for our creativity, while the associated hooligan physical actions develop the left hemisphere responsible for our movements, which together improves the balance. Method: "System" argumentation extending the analysis from a recent conference presentation regarding the role of complexity of our mind, attention to the opinions of ancient philosophers, and careful consideration of the relevant (needed) terminology. Results: The hypothesis put forward explains the "necessity" in violence, and it is found that some biological investigations support a connection between aggressive behavior with asymmetry in the brain activity. It is noted, additionally, that since committing suicide is violence against oneself, the suggested improvement of the delivery of information also can help re this problem. Some recommendation for correct measures are formulated. Conclusions: The means of public information have to choose well and work out the information to be delivered so that simple people will not be hurt or psychologically damaged. The hooliganism of the "days of violence" is distinct from the well-known "soccer/football hooliganism", and the given argument must be considered in courts. Though well-contributing to social welfare, democracy develops a conflict with intellect, because the public means of information (radio, TV, Internet) ignore the psychological problem that the simple people (i.e. those who want to live with a clear mind and be thus respected) have. However paradoxically it is, -- the effective ("powerful") use of democratic freedoms by the means of information, causes intellect to become a kind of dictator, disliked or even hated by many. This can gradually cause a conflict between simple people and intellectuals, at the world scale.
Category: Mind Science