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Anti-Semitism as a Part of Anti-Intellectualism: Logical and Religious Outlooks and the Conditional Optimism

Authors: Emanuel Gluskin
Comments: 16 Pages. The presented line of thought makes several, otherwise not unexplained things, including the Holocaust, coherent, and the main warning regarding the dictatory role of intellectualism in modern society is important. All from the mind and heart!

An explanation of Anti-Semitism in terms of the problem that simple people (i.e. those who want to live with a clear mind and be thus respected) have with the intellectual predominance existing in society, i.e. an explanation of Anti-Semitism in terms of the Anti-Intellectualism, is given. The problem of anti-intellectualism is not associated with the "Critique of Pure Reason" again, in any new form, but with protesting the tough (sometimes cruel or even hooligan) dictatorship of the Ruling Intellect. The constructive conclusion is that the media of information, like TV or radio, have to cease making intellectualism the main societal ideal. Human mind should not be overloaded, and it should be "fed" by information that it can well "digest". The thinking ability is given to us (just as any our ability) once and forever, and it has some natural limitations which have to be carefully studied and respected. This point, associated with Anti-Semitism, is the main focus of the discussion in which the author expresses strong sympathy to his nation, but also strong belief that human nature and human society are something good, and tries to be objective with respect to all sides.
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