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[7] viXra:1011.0064 [pdf] replaced on 29 Nov 2010

Why Natural Selection Cannot Explain Biological Evolution

Authors: Stephen P. Smith
Comments: 17 pages

The indifferent process of natural selection has been dubbed "the blind watchmaker" by Richard Dawkins. Arguments against natural selection are presented that relate to both ontology (reason-based) and epistemology (evidence-based), and the belief that the blind watchmaker drives evolution is revealed to be only a stipulation, at best. The belief is found coming from a metaphysical preference towards naturalism. A new account of evolution is presented that does not hold naturalism as a preference, and permits teleological (or guided) evolution and vitalism. This new account departs from the hidden agenda of naturalism, and fully discloses its preference towards self-evidence in its pursuit of truth.
Category: Mind Science

[6] viXra:1011.0050 [pdf] submitted on 20 Nov 2010

Recording and Reproduction of Pattern Memory Trace in EEG by Direct Electrical Stimulation of Brain Cortex

Authors: Andrey G. Shapkin, Michael V. Taborov, Yuriy G. Shapkin
Comments: 9 pages

This study demonstrates the capability of external signal recording into memory and the reproduction of memory trace of this pattern in EEG by direct AC electrical stimulation of rat cerebral cortex. Additionally, we examine shifts of the DC potential level related to these phenomena. We show that in the course of memory trace reproduction, consecutive phases of engram activation and relaxation are registered and accompanied by corresponding negative and positive DC shifts. The observed electrophysiological changes may reflect consecutive activation and inhibition phases of neural ensembles participating in engram formation.
Category: Mind Science

[5] viXra:1011.0026 [pdf] submitted on 12 Nov 2010

The Effects of Gravity on the Mind's Perception

Authors: Jeffrey S. Keen
Comments: 6 pages

This paper demonstrates that by using Noetics, the mind can quantitatively track the earth's annual elliptical orbit around the sun, due to the change in the earth-sun gravitational attraction. These measurements have a remarkable correlation coefficient of 0.9999 to the inverse of the Newtonian gravitational force raised to the power of 6.
Category: Mind Science

[4] viXra:1011.0023 [pdf] replaced on 11 Nov 2010

The Dirac Equation in Accelerating Frames

Authors: Jack Sarfatti
Comments: 4 pages

I predict a new translational-rotational coupling in rotating frames that may have been missed hitherto. This eq. 1.12 below should give rise to new physics of clamped charges in rotating capacitors for example. Since accelerating frames are also locally equivalent to Newton's gravity force there may be some new quantum mechanical effects here as well.
Category: Mind Science

[3] viXra:1011.0022 [pdf] submitted on 11 Nov 2010

Consciousness-mediated Spin Theory: The Transcendental Ground of Quantum Reality

Authors: Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu
Comments: 34 pages

It is our comprehension that Conciousness is both transcendent and immanent as simialarly understood in Hinuism. The transcendetal aspect of Conciousness produced and influences reality through self-referential spin as the interactive output of Conciousness. In turn, relaiuty produces and influences immanent aspect of Conciousness as the interactive inout to Conciousness through self-referential spin. The spin-mediated copnsciousness theory as originally proposed has mainly dealt with the immenant aspect of Conciousness which is driven by the self-referential spin processes. This paper focuses and "e;regurgitates" on the transcendental aspect of Conciousness which drives the self0referential spin processes.
Category: Mind Science

[2] viXra:1011.0021 [pdf] submitted on 11 Nov 2010

Experimental Support of Spin-mediated Consciousness Theory from Various Sources

Authors: Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu
Comments: 29 pages

This paper summarizes experimental support to spin-mdeiated conciousness theory from variuos sources including the results of our own. Ind oing so we also provide explanations bases on this theory to experimental phenomena such as out-of-body experience and sensed presence. quantum-like cognitive functions and optical illusions. Whether one agrees or not with the spin-mediated consciousness theory is for one alone to judge. In any event, the importance of the experimental results mentioned in this paper is obvious: quantum effects play important roles in brain/cognitive functions despite of the denials and suspicions of the naysayer and skeptics.
Category: Mind Science

[1] viXra:1011.0020 [pdf] submitted on 11 Nov 2010

Current Landscape and Future Direction of Theoretical & Experimental Quantum Brain/Mind/Consciousness Research

Authors: Huping Hu, Maoxin Wu
Comments: 10 pages

The issues surrounding quantum brain/mind/conciousness research are both confusing and complex. If one can manage to grasp these issues, one may find that the past of this field has been fruitful and its future is indeed very promising. The current landscape and past achievements in this filed have already been discussed by our colleagues as pointed herein. This editorial mainly attempts to classify/clarify some of the major issues and discuss what are lying ahead. Whatever difficulties may still remain, recent experimental results by several groups including those of the aauthors' own make it very clear that quantum effects play important roles in brain functions despite of the denials and suspicions of the naysayer and skeptics
Category: Mind Science