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0911 Submissions

[1] viXra:0911.0062 [pdf] submitted on 28 Nov 2009

The Causes of Variations when Making Dowsable Measurements Part 1 - Introduction and Personal Factors

Authors: Jeffrey S. Keen
Comments: 7 pages

Although some people dismiss dowsing because of perceived inconsistencies of results, this variability can be of great benefit in researching the factors that cause the phenomenon of dowsing. Experimental results, using robust scientific techniques and protocols for measurements, are starting to show not just how dowsing works, but its use as a tool in scientific research into the understanding of consciousness and the universe. This paper is the first of a series and shows why different dowsers obtain different results for the same measurement. The personal interpretation of observations by the dowser's mind, including possible physiological effects is covered in this paper. Surprisingly, the general reasons for this variability are numerous, including the superimposition of many local and non-local factors, and depend on different times of the day, month, or year on which those measurements are made. As the reasons for the variations involve different branches of physics, including gravity, quantum physics, cosmology, and astrophysics, the following complimentary papers should assist comprehension of the unexpected but exciting findings. Part 1 - Introduction and Personal Factors Part 2 - Daily Variations caused by the Earth Spinning on its Axis Part 3 - Monthly and Annual Variations caused by Gravity Part 4 - The Effects of Geometric Alignments, the Structure of the Universe, and Subtle Energies Part 5 - Communicating Information Instantaneously across the Galaxy In the wider context, the conclusions of this research suggest that concepts such as the mind, consciousness, or even the menstrual cycle are affected not just by our local environment on the Earth, but by the cosmos in general.
Category: Mind Science