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0910 Submissions

[4] viXra:0910.0037 [pdf] submitted on 20 Oct 2009

A Standard "Yardstick" and Protocol for Dowsing Research Measurements

Authors: Jeffrey S. Keen
Comments: 6 pages

For the calibration of dowsing measurements, a practical standard "yardstick" has been adopted that involves dowsing pure geometry: in particular a dot (0-dimensional), as this produces a dowsable line, the furthest point of which is a precise measureable boundary. The advantages of this technique include an easy to produce universal standard, which is very practical, provides precise measurements, and is easily repeatable. The validation of this technique is proven as members of a group dowse the same phenomenon. Successful ground breaking research using this yardstick includes quantifying how dowsing measurements vary over time, and how earth energies and cosmic factors change dowsed dimensions.
Category: Mind Science

[3] viXra:0910.0036 [pdf] submitted on 20 Oct 2009

Information Transfer Consciousness-Matter

Authors: Amrit S. Sorli
Comments: 3 pages

Thought experiment here describes consciousness as a basic frequency of quanta of space QS that have a size of Planck 1,6*10-35m. Atom has a size in range 10-10m. The question is how extremely small QS can communicate with an atom that builds up molecules which constitute living cells. One can predict existence of some hypothetical quanta which are transferring information i.e. basic frequency of QS to atom. Several experiments have been done which show some unknown energy is entering living organism in growing phase and leaving it at the time of death. It seems this energy is spread out in space and additionally concentrated in living organisms. Additional concentration causes increasing of the mass of living organism regarding the mass of same dead organism. This unknown energy spread out in cosmic space and additionally concentrated in living organisms could also be "dark energy".
Category: Mind Science

[2] viXra:0910.0023 [pdf] replaced on 2014-05-03 18:36:53

E8 for Psychological Types and Physics

Authors: John C. Gonsowski
Comments: 10 Pages. Updates the author's 1999 and 2001 papers in the e-journal The Enneagram and the MBTI.

James Reynierse says: “You have it exactly right when you refer to the symmetry of type beginning with the Pair interactions. My colleague and fellow researcher John Harker and I have frequently discussed these relationships in terms of the natural symmetry of type… showing a circumplex structure for the MBTI is interesting and instructive…”. E8 and its subalgebras are mapped to MBTI types and Enneagram numbers. In the process, analogies with the use of E8 symmetry in physics are explored. Down at D3, a Process Circumplex is constructed from MBTI type pair interactions and an analogy is shown between Enneagram Triads and conformal gravity. The Enneagram’s Law of 7 provides hexagonal structure for the Circumplex while the Law of 3 provides triangular structure. At D4, additional Enneagram Triads relate to the positive - negative (color - anticolor) charges for weak bosons and gluons. For the F4 8-dim vector, an analogy is constructed between the Circumplex’s inward and outward two-fold quaternities and the internal and external dimensions of spacetime. For the F4 spinors, the analogy constructed is between two additional sets of two-fold quaternities and orbifolded matter/antimatter dual tetrahedrons. F4 with its Spacetime-Matter-Antimatter Triality is related to Enneagram triple octaves and to the Sri Yantra footprint with interpenetrating triangles. E8 superimposes 8 vertices at each two-fold quaternity location which for the physics analogy adds for quantization, 8 momentum operators for spacetime and 8 anticommutator operators for matter/antimatter. This E8 quantization may underlie quantum consciousness.
Category: Mind Science

[1] viXra:0910.0018 [pdf] submitted on 12 Oct 2009

Consciousness as a Basic Frequency of Quantum Space

Authors: Amrit S. Sorli
Comments: 2 pages

Penrose describes consciousness as a result of quantum gravity acting on the neurons of the brain. Consciousness is non local; it does not exist exclusively in the brain. Here it is introduced idea that consciousness is a basic frequency of quantum space. Human brains have ability to "connect" and harmonize with consciousness. In scientific experiment consciousness acts as an observer.
Category: Mind Science