Mathematical Physics

1906 Submissions

[8] viXra:1906.0253 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-15 02:09:19

On the Ramanujan’s Mock ϑ-Functions of His Last Letter: Mathematical Connections with Some Sectors of Particle Physics, Cosmology, Some Expressions Concerning Monster Group, Black Hole Entropies and Hypothetical Mass of Dark Matter Particles.

Authors: Michele Nardelli, Antonio Nardelli
Comments: 220 Pages.

In this research paper we have obtained some interesting mathematical connections between the Mock Theta functions of the Ramanujan’s last letter and some sectors of Particle Physics, Cosmology and some expressions concerning the Monster Group, the Black Hole entropies and the hypothetical mass of Dark Matter particles
Category: Mathematical Physics

[7] viXra:1906.0239 [pdf] replaced on 2019-06-16 10:24:38

A Mathematical Expression for Inverse Fine-Structure Constant

Authors: Alan Michael Gómez Calderón
Comments: 2 Pages.

From the golden angle and the Pell constant, a simple, elegant and concise mathematical expression of the inverse fine-structure constant is given.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[6] viXra:1906.0214 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-12 12:48:22

Exact Periodic Solutions of Truly Nonlinear Oscillator Equations and Quadratic Liénard-Type Equations

Authors: Y. J. F. Kpomahou, L. H. Koudahoun, K. K. D. Adjaï, J. Akande, M. D. Monsia
Comments: 16 pages

The present research contribution is devoted to solving the integrability problem of Liénard type differential equations. It is shown that such a problem may be solved by nonlocal transformation for some classes of equations. By doing so, it is observed that the integrability of a class of restricted Duffing type equations with integral power or fractional power nonlinearity may be secured by that of a general class of quadratic Liénard type differential equation, and vice versa. Such a restricted Duffing type equation is also shown to be closely related to a quadratic Liénard type equation for which exact and explicit general solution may be computed. In this context it has been shown that exact and general periodic solutions may be computed for these two classes of restricted Duffing equations and quadratic Liénard type equations. The comparison of obtained solutions with some well-known results is carried out in some cases.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[5] viXra:1906.0213 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-12 12:54:39

Descriptions of Elementary Particles plus Dark Matter plus Dark Energy and Explanations for Some Related Data

Authors: Thomas J. Buckholtz
Comments: 33 pages

We suggest united models and specific predictions regarding elementary particles, dark matter, aspects of galaxy evolution, dark energy, and aspects of the cosmology timeline. Results include specific predictions for new elementary particles and specific descriptions of dark matter and dark energy. Some of our modeling matches known elementary particles and extrapolates to predict other elementary particles, including bases for dark matter. Some modeling explains observed ratios of effects of dark matter to effects of ordinary matter. Some models suggest aspects of galaxy formation and evolution. Some modeling correlates with eras of increases or decreases in the observed rate of expansion of the universe. Our modeling framework features mathematics for isotropic quantum harmonic oscillators and provides a framework for creating physics theories. Some aspects of our approach emphasize existence of elementary particles and de-emphasize motion. Some of our models complement traditional quantum field theory and, for example, traditional calculations of anomalous magnetic dipole moments.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[4] viXra:1906.0212 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-12 13:00:31

Integrability Analysis of a Generalized Truly Nonlinear Oscillator Equation

Authors: L. H. Koudahoun, Y. J. F. Kpomahou, J. Akande, K. K. D. Adjaï, M. D. Monsia
Comments: 6 pages

The integrability of a general class of Liénard type equations is investigated through equation transformation theory. In this way it is shown that such a class of Liénard equations can generate a generalization of some interesting truly nonlinear oscillator equations like the cube and fifth root differential equations. It has then become possible to compute the exact and general solution to the generalized truly nonlinear oscillator equation. Under an appropriate choice of initial conditions, exact and explicit solution has been obtained in terms of Jacobi elliptic functions.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[3] viXra:1906.0093 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-08 05:09:59

Cosmos Without Big Bang

Authors: Dan Visser
Comments: 6 Pages.

I summarize my new theory for the universe in a nutshell. We are a variable hologram in a Rotating Torus Hologram Universe (RTHU). The moment I began to think the Big Bang did not exist, the universe has changed already. That was in 2004, 5 years before I started to write my articles in 2009. The main issue since then is: There is no darkness. Events happen everywhere, but rather in the RTHU than in the Postmodern Big Bang Universe (PBBU). According to all of my theoretical results a lot of events, however, remain temporarily invisible due to being shifted in the variable hologram-universe. The main cause thereto is, that a dark matter force, marked as duo-bits, is the engine of the hologram-rotation, while being located below the Planck-boundary. Hence this deeper area must be a part of a universe, the RTHU. A new parameter Tdan is the hologram-dynamic parameter and in size equivalent to the RTHU as well as in size equivalent as a building-stone of the RTHU. In that sense an under laying information is variable-divided but continuously in order to remain all the information that shapes the RTHU. Furthermore I refer to practical evidence-issues. Study my recent articles.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[2] viXra:1906.0054 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-04 09:15:19

The Fermionic Quantum Plane

Authors: Antoine Balan
Comments: 1 page, written in english

Here is defined the fermionic quantum plane and the fermionic quantum group of transformations of it.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[1] viXra:1906.0038 [pdf] submitted on 2019-06-03 06:12:39

On the Possible Mathematical Connections Between Various Ramanujan’s Equations and Some Sectors of Particle Physics, String Theory and Physics of Black Holes

Authors: Michele Nardelli, Antonio Nardelli
Comments: 172 Pages.

In this research paper, we have described and analyzed the possible mathematical connections between various Ramanujan’s equations and some sectors of Particle Physics (rest mass of meson f0(1710), mass of proton, electric charge of positron, mass of Higgs boson), String Theory and Physics of Black Holes (entropy)
Category: Mathematical Physics