Mathematical Physics

1811 Submissions

[8] viXra:1811.0453 [pdf] submitted on 2018-11-27 13:17:04

The Lueverian Model and Easonian Theorem

Authors: Savior F. Eason
Comments: 14 Pages.

Proposes a mathematical formula for measuring and calculating in hyper-space, as well as a theorem for calculating the mandelbrot set of Quantum information making up our universe.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[7] viXra:1811.0428 [pdf] submitted on 2018-11-26 09:54:21

On the Pythagoras’ and De Gua’s Theorems in Geometric Algebra

Authors: Miroslav Josipović
Comments: 4 Pages.

This small article is intended to be a contribution to the LinkedIn group “Pre-University Geometric Algebra”. The main idea is to show that in geometric algebra we have the Pythagoras’ and De Gua’s theorems without a metric defined. This allows us to generalize these theorems to any dimension and any signature.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[6] viXra:1811.0381 [pdf] submitted on 2018-11-23 06:42:56

A Poincare Conformal Matrix Lie Algebra

Authors: Richard Shurtleff
Comments: 11 page article plus 32 page Mathematica notebook in an Appendix = 43 pages. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

The Poincar\'{e} group of spacetime rotations and spacetime translations has been fundamental for over a century. Also a century old are efforts to find alternatives, efforts that include invoking the larger symmetry group of Maxwell's electrodynamics, the conformal group. In this paper an 8x8 matrix representation of the Poincare group is enhanced by defining a 4x4 matrix rep of the conformal group that acts on 4 of the 8 dimensions, a 4-spinor subset of 8-spinors. The matrix generators are described in detail and the commutation relations of the Lie algebra are displayed. There are additional generators needed to keep the enhanced algebra closed. The new generators add new transformations making a group larger than the direct product of the Poincare and conformal groups.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[5] viXra:1811.0373 [pdf] replaced on 2019-02-06 23:48:53

A Method for Detecting Lagrangian Coherent Structures (LCSs) using Fixed Wing Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

Authors: Peter J. Nolan, Hunter McClelland, Craig Woolsey, Shane D. Ross
Comments: 20 Pages.

The transport of material through the atmosphere is an issue with wide ranging implications for fields as diverse as agriculture, aviation, and human health. Due to the unsteady nature of the atmosphere, predicting how material will be transported via Earth's wind field is challenging. Lagrangian diagnostics, such as Lagrangian coherent structures (LCSs), have been used to discover the most significant regions of material collection or dispersion. However, Lagrangian diagnostics can be time consuming to calculate and often rely on weather forecasts that may not be completely accurate. Recently, Eulerian diagnostics have been developed which can provide indications of LCS and have computational advantages over their Lagrangian counterparts. In this paper, a methodology is developed for estimating local Eulerian diagnostics from wind velocity data measured by a fixed wing unmanned aircraft system (UAS) flying in circular arcs. Using a simulation environment, it is shown that the Eulerian diagnostic estimates from UAS measurements approximate the true local Eulerian diagnostics, therefore also predicting the passage of LCSs. This methodology requires only a single flying UAS, making it more easy to implement in the field than existing alternatives.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[4] viXra:1811.0363 [pdf] replaced on 2018-12-16 05:44:46

About Non-Closedness of the Three-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations System for the Viscous Incompressible Fluid

Authors: Preobrazhenskiy Andrey
Comments: 8 Pages. V2

In this paper it is shown that the system of four equations formed by three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations system for incompressible fluid and equation of continuity, is not closed, equation of continuity is excessive. This is because the three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations system cannot have a bounded at infinity solutions to the Cauchy problem with a non-zero velocity field divergence.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[3] viXra:1811.0357 [pdf] replaced on 2018-11-28 03:57:18

A Factorial Identity Resulting from the Orthogonality Relation of the Associated Laguerre Polynomials

Authors: Spiros Konstantogiannis
Comments: 5 Pages.

Plugging the closed-form expression of the associated Laguerre polynomials into their orthogonality relation, the latter reduces to a factorial identity that takes a simple, non-trivial form for even-degree polynomials.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[2] viXra:1811.0289 [pdf] submitted on 2018-11-18 09:39:36

The Mathematical Octal Numbering System(not Computing Numbering System)

Authors: Adham Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed
Comments: 1 Page. ty

In this paper we will talk about I numbering system I want to invent which is based on the knowledge of true and false being 1 and 0 (true and false) Lets take a look at our hands it has 10 fingers which uses the decimal system its ok Lets take out the true and false which are the 1 and 0 (one and zero) from the decimal system leaving eight numbers which are 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 but first lets take a look at how I thought of this These are 10 mathematical stuff made from 1 and 0 or the true and false below 1*1/1*1=1(true fact or something) 1*0/1*1=0 0*1/1*1=0 0*0/1*1=0 1*1/0*0=not understood 1*1/1*0=not understood 1*1/0*1=not understood 0*1/0*0=not understood 1*0/0*0= not understood 0*0/0*0= totally not understood When looking at this you see that if you take the true and false which are 1*1/1*1=1 and 0*0/0*0=totally not understood you are left with 8 of the 10 Now to see how you can apply this new numbering system you should look at what follows Lets start counting in this numbering system with 2 and end with 8 so we say 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Lets do this mathematical trick 2*3*4*5/6=120/6=20 which is 2*10=20 Lets try an easier one which is 3*4*5/6=60/6=10 you see the trick? Adding a truth to false and another truth(which is my theory!!!!) which all amounts to 3 (2 truths and one false) which starts with 3 in this one you get to the numbering system in your hand or 10 in the second easier mathematical trick and also in the mathematical trick starting with 2 ends with 20 which when divided by 10 you get 2 which is the number you started with!!!!!
Category: Mathematical Physics

[1] viXra:1811.0036 [pdf] submitted on 2018-11-02 10:41:52

Incompatibility of the Dirac-Like Field Operators with the Majorana Anzatzen

Authors: Valeriy V. Dvoeglazov
Comments: 19 Pages. Extended version of viXra:1809.0241 to include spin 1.

In the present article we investigate the spin-1/2 and spin-1 cases in different bases. Next, we look for relations with the Majorana-like field operator. We show explicitly incompatibility of the Majorana anzatzen with the Dirac-like field operators in both the original Majorana theory and its generalizations. Several explicit examples are presented for higher spins too. It seems that the calculations in the helicity basis give mathematically and physically reasonable results only.
Category: Mathematical Physics