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[6] viXra:1711.0365 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-21 01:59:25

5 Bit, 32 Crystal Classes

Authors: Giuliano Bettini
Comments: 19 Pages. in Italian

Starting from the 32 crystal classes, we find a complete classification scheme of the same with only 5 bits, and at least in part the meaning of the various bits. There is no inverse demonstration, ie only 5 bits must generate all 32 crystalline classes in nature. However, the proposed classification seems to invoke a logical process of formation of the various classes, doing this way: the matter first aggregates without any symmetry, then it adopts various rotation symmetries (no symmetry, binary, ternary, etc., simple or composite) and then adds to each symmetry of rotation the additional symmetries c (center), m (planes) or c + m together
Category: Mathematical Physics

[5] viXra:1711.0348 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-17 14:12:41

Four Squares

Authors: Gary D. Simpson
Comments: 9 Pages.

This essay discusses the meaning and role of the term “fundamental” as it applies to Math and Physics. The importance of Lagrange’s Four Squares Theorem is also discussed. It is argued that the vacuum is a 5-D Quantum-Space-Time and that the vacuum is fundamental.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[4] viXra:1711.0272 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-10 13:59:02

Do Stokes' and Gauss's Theorems Hold in Curved Spacetime?

Authors: Dmitri Martila
Comments: 4 Pages.

Do Stokes and Gauss's theorems from Vector Analyses hold also in curved spacetime (or in the curved coordinates of a flat manifold)? These theorems (especially the Gauss's or the "Divergence" theorem) are ones of the utmost importance, especially for theoretical astrophysics. My opinion is in the file. Can you tell me what journal will accept this "nonsense"?
Category: Mathematical Physics

[3] viXra:1711.0270 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-10 17:28:55

Teleportation & Galactic Dimension Theory

Authors: David Njeru kathuri
Comments: 62 Pages.

This publication is about a theory that tries to scientifically prove that under certain conditions, fire is a portal that can be used in teleportation of matter. The document also tries to give an alternative to General Relativity in the most scientifically precise way that leaves no room for doubt. This is done by giving a testable alternative theory of what the past & future is and its relation to gravity.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[2] viXra:1711.0260 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-09 07:17:38

Quasi-Exact Solvability of Symmetrized Sextic Oscillators and Analyticity of the Related Quotient Polynomials

Authors: Spiros Konstantogiannis
Comments: 42 Pages.

Quasi-exactly solvable symmetrized sextic oscillators have been proposed and studied by Quesne, who categorized them based on the parity – natural or unnatural – of their known eigenfunction [2]. Herein, we examine the quasi-exact solvability of symmetrized sextic oscillators using a quotient-polynomial approach [3, 4, 5], which, in this case, opens up the possibility to construct non-analytic sextic oscillators from analytic quotient polynomials, and thus to distinguish the oscillators resulting from analytic quotient polynomials from those resulting from non-analytic quotient polynomials. We analyze the cases n=0 and n=1, and we show that the results are in agreement with those of Quesne [2]. In the case n=2, we construct sextic oscillators using only analytic quotient polynomials, and focusing on the non-analytic oscillators whose known eigenfunction is of unnatural parity, we register a relation between the coefficients of the two non-analytic terms of the exponential polynomial, which then we generalize to the higher cases n=3 and n=4, to construct new non-analytic sextic oscillators whose known eigenfunction is of unnatural parity.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[1] viXra:1711.0201 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-06 03:26:57

With a Little Help by Nicholas DE Cusa: Erasing Infinity from Pyhsical Theories

Authors: Arturo Tozzi, James F Peters
Comments: 5 Pages.

The occurrence of infinite values in physical equations, such as singularity in the description of black holes, is a painstaking problem that causes many theories to break down and/or being incapable of describing extreme events. Different methods, such as re-normalization, have been used in the assessment of physical observables in order to erase the undesirable infinity. Here we propose a novel technique, based on geometrical considerations, that allows removal of infinity and achievement of physical theories void of such a problem. We compare finite quantities to curved lines endowed in positive-curvature manifolds, and intractable infinity to a straight line. In order to restore the equations and erase the straight line of infinity, we project the quantities onto curved lines endowed in negative-curvature manifolds.
Category: Mathematical Physics