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A New Dark Energy Force Theoretically Calculates Faster-than-light-neutrinos.

Authors: Dan Visser
Comments: 13 Pages.

Version2 is written after my paper “Duonistic Neutrinos Violate Relativity”. A theoretical calculation with a new dark energy force formula discloses the correctness of the experimental faster-than-light-neutrinos in the CERN-San Grasso experiment. The formulation in this paper theoretically confirms that Einstein’s Relativity could be violated. This introduces the obligation to accept a new cosmological model, called the Double Torus hypothesis . The theoretical calculation in this paper is based on a new momentum of dark energy force. This paper theoretically calculates 62.8 nanosecond for the experimental detected early-arrival of muon-neutrinos related to how light-in-vacuum would have arrived. This is a marvelous close match compared to the ((60.7 ± 6.9 (stat.) ± 7.4 (sys.)) nanosecond found during the ‘neutrino-flight path’ from CERN to San Grasso in the OPERA-project. However, this version-2 paper also makes clear neutrinos can only go faster-than-light in neutrino-pairs: I call these pairs Duonistic Neutrinos! Just as in the paper “Duonistic Neutrinos Violate Relativity”. This paper presents the set of equations to prove that.
Category: Mathematical Physics