Mathematical Physics

1106 Submissions

[2] viXra:1106.0059 [pdf] submitted on 27 Jun 2011

The Gauge Theoryís Expansion in the Electro-Magnetic Field

Authors: Sangwha Yi
Comments: 6 pages.

In the special relativity theory, study the gauge theory in the Electro-magnetic field theory.Using that the Electro-magnetic potential is 4-vector, treat invariant potential. And the Electro-Magnetic field theoryís the gauge theory expand.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[1] viXra:1106.0018 [pdf] replaced on 23 Jun 2011

Exact Solution of Viscous-Plastic Flow Equations for Glacier Dynamics in 2-Dimensional Case.

Authors: Sergey V. Ershkov
Comments: 9 pages

Here is presented a new exact solution of Ice dynamics in Glaciers in terms of viscousplastic theory of movements, for 2-dimensional case: x (t) = y (t). In general case, 2-D solution of Ice dynamics could be classified as Riccatiís type. Due to a very special character of Riccatiís type equation, itís general solution is proved to have a proper gap of components of such a solution.
Category: Mathematical Physics