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Dark Matter Formula For Fundamental Calculation Of Satellite Flybys In Hyperbolic Orbits.

Authors: Dan Visser
Comments: 7 Pages. Version-3 removed mistakes in interpretation.

In version-1 for the first time an announcement was made in this paper to have found fundamental evidence for the flyby-anomalies of six satellites earlier investigated by John Anderson and co-workers of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena USA. The central part of this theoretical evidence exists of a ‘dark matter flow’ being the cause of a velocity-change for satellites during their ‘flyby’ along the earth. A formula is given to calculate the velocity-change caused by the dark matter flow. The origin of the evidence is related to a ‘dark energy force formula‘, which is a new force in a new proposed cosmological model describing dark energy and dark matter in a double torus geometry. Version-2 replaces version-1, because I read about new investigation of GPS satellites, which predict dark matter surrounding the earth-equator. In version-2 I cleared an expression without an effect on the original end-result of version-1 and I extended it with the calculation of the energy satellites are feeling from dark matter around the earth-equator. Version-3 makes much better clear that satellites can be used to calculate the dark energy density flow around the earth-equator from the perspective of a new cosmological model: The Double Torus Universe.
Category: Mathematical Physics