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[2] viXra:0703.0021 [pdf] submitted on 18 Mar 2007

Quantization in Dynamic Smarandache Multi-Space

Authors: Fu Yuhua
Comments: recovered from

Discussing the applications of Dynamic Smarandache Multi-Space (DSMS) Theory. Supposing for the n different dynamic spaces (n is a dynamic positive integer and the function of time) the different equations have been established, as these n different dynamic spaces synthesize the DSMS, and they are mutually affected, some new coupled equations need to establish in the DSMS to replace some equations in the original dynamic spaces, as well as supply other equations to process the contact, boundary conditions and so on. For the unified processing of all equations in the DSMS, this paper proposes to run the quantization processing to all the variables and all the equations and establish the unified variational principle of quantization with the collocation method based on the method of weighted residuals, and simultaneously solve all the equations in the DSMS with the optimization method. Thus by using the unified variational principle of quantization in the DSMS and the fractal quantization method, will pave the way for the unified processing of the theory of relativity and the quantum mechanics, and the unified processing of the four foundational interactions. Finally the coupled solution for the problem of relativity and quantum mechanics is discussed.
Category: Mathematical Physics

[1] viXra:0703.0020 [pdf] submitted on 18 Mar 2007

Smarandache Stepped Functions

Authors: Mircea Eugen Selariu
Comments: recovered from

The discovery of mathematical complements, assembled under the name of the eccentric mathematics, gave the opportunity for a series of applications, amongst which, in this article, are presented the impulse, step, and unitary ramp functions. The difference, in comparison with the same classic functions, from the distributions theory, is that those eccentric are periodical with a 2π period. By combining these between them, new mathematical functions have been defined; united under the name Smarandache stepped functions.
Category: Mathematical Physics