History and Philosophy of Physics

1912 Submissions

[6] viXra:1912.0523 [pdf] submitted on 2019-12-31 09:45:50

Unsorted Collection of Unruly Random Thoughts: Started for no Good Reason in A.d. 2019

Authors: Waldemar Puszkarz
Comments: 5 Pages.

Sometimes abstracts are best served as warnings. Here is one: If you are humor challenged, cannot think in metaphors, or (much worse) believe in the honesty of politicians (and that’s a metaphor too), this may not be suitable for you. Here is another: this document will most likely be expanded.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[5] viXra:1912.0506 [pdf] submitted on 2019-12-30 07:51:28

Golden Ratio Geometry and the Fine-Structure Constant

Authors: Michael A. Sherbon
Comments: 8 Pages. Journal of Advances in Physics 16 (1) 362-368 (2019) CC 4.0

The golden ratio is found to be related to the fine-structure constant, which determines the strength of the electromagnetic interaction. The golden ratio and classical harmonic proportions with quartic equations give an approximate value for the inverse fine-structure constant the same as that discovered previously in the geometry of the hydrogen atom. With the former golden ratio results, relationships are also shown between the four fundamental forces of nature: electromagnetism, the weak force, the strong force, and the force of gravitation.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[4] viXra:1912.0407 [pdf] submitted on 2019-12-22 04:18:07

Theory of Relativity Violates the Law of Conservation of Mass

Authors: Sjaak Uitterdijk
Comments: 1 Page.

Such a fundamental violation should be sufficient to reject the equation m = mrest /√(1-v2/c2) and thus E = mc2 too. The consequence must be that the Theory of Relativity is immediately declared invalid.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[3] viXra:1912.0167 [pdf] submitted on 2019-12-09 08:04:51

The Pulse of the Universe

Authors: T H Ray
Comments: 5 Pages.

All life has a pulse.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[2] viXra:1912.0095 [pdf] submitted on 2019-12-05 11:10:06

A Note on Manifolds VS Networks as Mathematics Models in Modern Physics

Authors: Lucian M Ionescu
Comments: 10 Pages.

Some stages of development of Manifold Theory are inspected, and how they evolved into the modern discrete frameworks of lattice and spin networks, with help from Topology and Homological Algebra. Recalling experimental evidence that reality is discrete, notably quantum Hall effect, includes more recent findings of quantum knots and spin-net condensates. Thus Pythagoras, Zeno and Plato were right after all: “Number rules the Uni- verse”, perhaps explaining the “unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics”, but not quite, why Quantum Physics’ scattering amplitudes are often Number Theory’s multiple zeta values.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[1] viXra:1912.0011 [pdf] submitted on 2019-12-01 15:49:48

Evidence for the Speed Over the Speed of Light is Equal to Imaginary Quantity

Authors: Kareem Muhammad
Comments: 2 Pages.

evidence For the speed over the speed of light is equal to imaginary quantity by the geometry of conic sections
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics