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Who Will be the Next Albert Einstein?

Authors: J.A.Q. Abanto
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Even Einstein will have a hard time answering the question posed above but perhaps History can. Will history repeat itself? If it does, can we guess who might be the next Albert Einstein? When Einstein made his startling discovery of unifying Maxwell Theory and Newton's Theory, he was an unknown and struggling physicist. A solitary investigator of nature. Will the next great unifyer will be like Albert Einstein, who, as of today, is still unknown to the Physics world? In this study, we enumerate the scientific climate during the time of Einstein and some historical facts about him before his famous "\emph{Annus Mirabilis}" and relate it to whom might possibly be the next Einstein who will discover the next great unification. We also consider the famous clich$\acute{e}$ that, any bright high school student who stumble upon Einstein's two Special Relativity postulates and happens to know advance high school algebra will inevitably discover Einstein's Theory. Here, we consider on how can any bright college student who happens to know the postulates of General Theory of Relativity can generalized it with little knowledge on advance college Calculus and how it will inevitably lead in finding the next great Unification Theory in Physics
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics