History and Philosophy of Physics

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Generalized Bohr’s Principle of Complementarity.

Authors: Klimets Alexander
Comments: 15 Pages.

We show that Bohr's complementarity principle can be generalized to all the phenomena of reality. The generalized principle of complementarity Bohr can be formulated as follows: the rational side of reality and conjugate irrational side of reality are complementary to each other. This raises the question of relations between science and mysticism.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Science Emerging from the Upanishads (Revised and Enlarged)

Authors: Hasmukh K. Tank
Comments: 19 Pages. Final Version of the paper

Is the standard model of fundamental-particles, with six quarks, leptons, photons and force carriers….., final? Or there is something beyond it? And, how to accommodate our direct experience of ‘consciousness’ in Physics? As an attempt to seek answers to these questions, an alternative view emerging from the ancient spiritual scriptures, namely Upanishads, is presented here for consideration of scientists. All the five Upanishads suggest that the most fundamental substance of the universe is not only physically real, but it is also capable of being aware of itself. This fundamental real substance is eternally ever-present in time and all-pervading in space. The fundamental particles of ‘matter’ are different patterns of vibrations or fluctuations of it. Depending upon the complexity of vibrations these patterns-of-vibrations subjectively feel them either in waking, dreaming or deep-sleep state.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics