History and Philosophy of Physics

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[3] viXra:1412.0215 [pdf] submitted on 2014-12-21 20:55:19

Bad Physics And How Not To Do It

Authors: Michael J. Burns
Comments: 6 Pages.

This is a presentation style outline of some of my criticisms of the state of academic physics. It is more concrete, and it has a few specific explanations and diagrams.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[2] viXra:1412.0179 [pdf] submitted on 2014-12-15 04:04:18

Cosmical Immergence

Authors: Francis M. Sanchez
Comments: 2 Pages.

It is shown how the Occam Razor favors the one-parameter Coherent Cosmology against the 6-parameters L-CDM model, exhibating dramatic faults in the development of Modern Cosmology. This confirms that the Cosmical Immergence which deduce the atomic dimension from cosmical elementary calculation must be taken seriously. The universality of Intellighent Life follows immediatly.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[1] viXra:1412.0141 [pdf] submitted on 2014-12-08 05:42:35

The Deflection of Light by the Sun. The Einstein's Calculation in 1916

Authors: Valdir Monteiro dos Santos Godoi
Comments: 10 Pages. For reference 5, access www.vixra.org/abs/1411.0083

Einstein's calculation in 1916 of the deflection of light by the Sun and experimental suggestions.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics