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A Zero-Point Energy Inclusive Principle of Conservation of Energy Consistent with Zero Net Energy in the Universe

Authors: Ray Fleming
Comments: 6 Pages.

The common statement of the principle of conservation of energy fails to take into account the energy of the vacuum, the zero-point energy. What happens for example when a body of matter displaces the local vacuum and reduces the local zero-point energy? In a prior paper the author determined that the mass-energy of electron and proton is equivalent to the zero-point energy they displace.1 This opens up the intriguing possibility that the principle of conservation of energy should be restated, the total amount of energy including zero-point energy is constant. This paper will include investigations of how different forms of energy can be seen as a displacement of zero-point energy thus confirming the modified principle of conservation of energy. This principle of conservation of energy can also be stated as; the net energy of space is always zero after the baseline zero-point energy is subtracted. In terms of classical forms of energy, there is no net energy in the universe. That leads to the interesting observation that there is no energy beyond the ever-present zero-point energy and thus no problem with regard to the origin of energy.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics