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Cosmos 2014 Bruno Llull E8 Physics

Authors: Frank Dodd Tony Smith Jr
Comments: 17 Pages.

Cosmos (2014) with Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses Giordano Bruno's MultiVerse. David Deutch defines the MultiVerse in terms of SnapShots that are equivalent to Cl(16) E8 Local Lagrangian Regions that can be combined by completing the union of all tensor products of all copies of Cl(16) for such E8 Local Lagrangian SnapShot Regions to produce a generalization of the Hyperfinite II1 von Neumann factor that is a realistic Algebraic Quantum Field Theory for E8 Physics. Ramon Llull's 13th Century Quaternary Phase Art gives a remarkably detailed picture of the Structure of E8 Physics. In the 16th Century Giordano Bruno had access only to Llull's Ternary Art which was far less detailed than the earlier Quaternary Art, but even so was able to see that Llull's Art was, as Anthony Bonner said, "… a way to explore the connections among his infinity of worlds …", a way that can now in the 21st Century be seen to be consistent with the realistic E8 Physics model. V2 adds Vico, Joyce and Finnegans Wake
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Physical Nature of Vector Potential

Authors: Mende F. F.
Comments: 6 Pages.

Faradey established the law of induction, carrying out experiments on the solenoids, including turning off in them current, or moving with respect to the solenoids the turns of the wire, to which was connected the galvanometer.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics